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Dulcet Bunny

Wowser, the RIG pet was already?
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Angelic Paladin

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  • Battle: Knight 100
  • Battle: KO 200
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
theres only a couple items that caught my interest but ******** I feel poor how the hell is it that the rig pet is nine hundred million?
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Shameless Lunatic

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  • Nudist Colony 200
  • Brandisher 100
Glad I didn't find any items I REALLY want from this RIG. I can't even handle one RIG a month, let alone 2 x.x
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Man-Hungry Nerd

21,400 Points
  • Sausage Fest 200
  • Nerd 50
  • Angelic Alliance 100
Ohh, those pet sweaters.. Do want so bad D:
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i failed on the first part emotion_awesome
Cats in Caskets's avatar

Shirtless Kitten

Menacing Stranger

Another missed opportunity for mohawk items. gonk

I adore your avatar.
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Bloodthirsty Phantom

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  • Vicious Spirit 250
  • Novice Healer 150
  • Tenacious Spirit 250
Menacing Stranger

Another missed opportunity for mohawk items. gonk
I adore your avatar.

And I adore your signature.
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User Image
So happy that aside from the dolls, I only like the pigtails and precious pets. Now to wait for them to go down. If they ever.
User Image
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Sparkling Star

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  • Magical Girl 50
  • Alchemy Level 5 100
  • Angelic Alliance 100
"Once you've met someone..

The trend continues where people keep pricing the items at 100mil+ making it impossible for normal folks to get them. neutral

You never really forget them."
I love this RIG! I'm so glad I picked up two bundles, since I got pretty much everything I wanted out of them. Mistress of the Wastes is perfect for this character of mine.
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Hygienic Cutie-Pie

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  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Partygoer 500
Just had to have Shironuri Bloom emotion_kirakira There's a few nice items and thankfully the ones I like aren't horrible expensive
Funky Cocoa's avatar

Fuzzy Wolf

I keep getting Precious Pet Sweaters from singles~ ♥
bacon queen's avatar

Sparkling Streaker

the art and story were great. the items are a little... meh. but i'm def gonna get a precious pet sweater. too cute 3nodding
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Questionable Apprentice

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  • Shopkeep's Apprentice 500
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Sausage Fest 200
Why is the sweater so expensive crying
I need that cat hoodie but if I buy it I am broke ksrjfhskjdfhsdkfhsdl
Looks like it's time to sell some s**t again orz
Paranoid Doll's avatar

Mewling Loverboy

i like the urban theme to most of the items...
but it's just not to my tastes at all. > _ >U

like, the pixilation flops from being really
nice and desirable, to really just... not good.
and then borrowing what looks like pieces
from previously pixilated items. i could be
wrong though.

anyhoo, just a few pieces are worth it to me,
as i do need to get more colour for my wardrobe.

i'm just really sad that the creeper bangs only
had four colours available. q u qU

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