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take you for a ride

So far this is the only item that I like. xD Too bad I'm not a guy, I would love that leg mode~ cool
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little bunnies
little bunnies

Tisiphone’s Vindictive Grace (Any)

Holy jesus. There goes my money.
When I attempt to try on the hair, the link is broken...
Love the dark make-up though. emotion_drool <3
Give it a sec then re-try. That worked for me. :> The server is probably playing catch up, I think. 3nodding
Weirdly enough it's still broken; but I shall wait, thanks! c:

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I like it. emotion_dowant
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i think i found the bad guy
the indifference of death
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Oooh, I love the Indifference of Death's jacket. X3

Too bad Agape doesn't clip off one of the ponytails with the Bicolor Cutie Ponytails, else I'd buy one.
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spring carryall
lmao those prices for three bags
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I saw a persephone recolor... and the bodice pose is so ugly :< I can't see the details

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The original is far better. Thanks again for giving it to me. <333333333
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Misfit Ghoul

That belt. emotion_drool
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Some nice manly items so far 4laugh
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Hmm, I'm only liking a few things I'm seeing so far, I guess I'll wait for the rest of the items and wait to see if the Market plays out somewhat decently, I rather doubt it...

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