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So it took this long hmmmm. Well enjoy your Paris Hilton pooches.
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"You got: Latex Venus
We've defeated the giant sea slug... let's go shopping!"


umm.... emotion_eyebrow
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That seller can choke.
He'll never get away with it, the wretched little polesmoker.

So they're a "the wretched little polesmoker" because he has something you desire and can't afford it? Yeah, stay classy. rolleyes

I probably would've done the same and waited for offers, considering how long it took to show up.

No, the entire marketplace system is a crock of crap these days.
People are greedy and the economy is in ruins.

'Course I'm sure you're on the side of profit, given your avatar's apparent wealth.
And frankly. yeah, I'm allowed to be frustrated about it. Most of us are, thanks very much.

There's frustrated, and then there's bitter and hateful.. It's a little out of line to call someone a polesmoker and hoping they choke because of a virtual marketplace, selling worthless pixels on a site geared for teenagers.. lol
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Does anyone have any clue as to when the 2nd Feb AC is going to be unsealed? Or are we just waiting on Ivan's Announcement about the seal weakening right now emo

To be honest, I love RIGs but I don't think I can handle 2 every month...
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目をキラキラさせて 僕に語った君の将来図は

      i got a hipster love, latex venus, and a thoughtful groom AND bride from one bundle n__n
      i'm rather pleased with myself!

ただ聞いてるだけで 胸が熱くなり 泣きそうになった
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I got Quintessence of Decay. I don't think it is on your list yet.
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Ghola Hayt
I got Quintessence of Decay. I don't think it is on your list yet.

It's from an older rig. It's in the wrath of Gaia.
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This could be the pet for the second V-day rig:

User Image
Rosette Kitten Star

Never mind. It was in the kitten rig. redface sweatdrop
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Any news on the 2nd rig?
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Is there a list on what you get from each character? I got zorya from castle x something (idk what it was called)
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Is there someplace where the images are for this rig?
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I bought In Deep Ship: OTP from Club Verge but I'm not sure if I should open or sell.

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Winter Hue
So what could you win in the item In Deep Ship ?
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Winter Hue
So what could you win in the item In Deep Ship ?

All the new items have been listed in the item list. Re-releases will always be included in a RIG.
This list is only listing the new items. RIGs re-release hundreds of older items as prizes.
When you click on "Princess of my Heart" it gets you a redirection warning, as if it's leading to somewhere outside Gaia. Not sure if anyone else mentioned before.

OnT: Some good stuff in this RIG, despite most of them being diabetes-inducingly cute, but it's justified since the theme is pairings and all.

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