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So tell me, what do you want from this REI?

Blood! More blood I say! Just buckets and buckets of blood! >:D 0.26973684210526 27.0% [ 82 ]
I need me some eyes and wig(s)! 0.33881578947368 33.9% [ 103 ]
Poses that will creep me the math out~ 0.22368421052632 22.4% [ 68 ]
Hmm... I want to be surprised. :3 0.16776315789474 16.8% [ 51 ]
Total Votes:[ 304 ]
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Shoes and Dues's avatar

Greedy Giver

7,500 Points
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  • Brandisher 100
Blood please.
Add me to the fan list.
JulieKablooie's avatar

Assimilated Survivor

I can already tell this is going to be goooood one. Going to have to pick one up soon! I kind of like the idea of the focus staying on the prison, but it looks like some spirit is going to come to the rescue maybe? Or maybe it'll just be blood everywhere, haha. As long as it's spooky I don't mind!

Sign me up for the fanlist please for sure! biggrin
Seraphineee's avatar


        ohhh a Halloween RIG. Seems cool >A<
Lidke's avatar

Tenacious Prophet

I have high hopes already for this REI. Don't let me down gaia.
Haunted Larkspur's avatar

Feral Bookworm

I like the looks of it already...very promising.
Sign me up please.
Tsukita-chan's avatar

Demonic Kitten

17,350 Points
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  • Vicious Spirit 250
it looks very cool! I will buy me a pair soon o 3o
I hope will be a good horror REI!! and bloody-ugly xD w/lots of hardcotre poses!! nothing cute this time!!

add me to the list Winter-sama o 3o

The Chronarch's avatar

Anxious Shapeshifter

      AWWWWWW YEAH, VENGEANCE PLOT THING WITH A MALE PROTAG. diggin' the hell out of this.
Deadncrispy's avatar

Unforgiving Tactician

12,950 Points
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  • 20 Wins 100
  • 50 Wins 150
******** yes finally a rei that us guys will like. sign me up for the fan list.
Lazarus Larkin's avatar


watch it suddenly be full of poses of the guy's lost love's froofy dresses just to piss us off
Unno Rokuro's avatar

Sparkly Shounen

I'm definitely going to keep watch of this, the theme really interests me so far emotion_dowant
allegoriest's avatar

Apocalyptic Lover

I'm a fan! emotion_kirakira

....Anyone need avi art to help me pay for this? >__> <___<
Winter Hue's avatar

Formal Informer

Ok the framework has been completed.
I will update the fanlist every 2 days.
Dan D Lie N's avatar

Beloved Perfectionist

I hardly ever buy evolving items anymore but i always seem to grab the halloween ones smile

This year shall be no different. Sign me up
silent hart's avatar

Friendly Shapeshifter

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Sign me up as a fan.
As of now, I can't afford it ):
But I can admire from afar, yes?
Lazarus Larkin
watch it suddenly be full of poses of the guy's lost love's froofy dresses just to piss us off

He probably used to be a lumberjack....spent all day thinking about high heels and such instead of doing his job, and that's why he was imprisoned. So 90% of the poses will be lingerie...

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