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So tell me, what do you want from this REI?

Blood! More blood I say! Just buckets and buckets of blood! >:D 0.26973684210526 27.0% [ 82 ]
I need me some eyes and wig(s)! 0.33881578947368 33.9% [ 103 ]
Poses that will creep me the math out~ 0.22368421052632 22.4% [ 68 ]
Hmm... I want to be surprised. :3 0.16776315789474 16.8% [ 51 ]
Total Votes:[ 304 ]
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D-ment Psyche
Lord Vincent Blackwater
Sign me up for the fan list XD

random moment: I love your avi

Thank-you! xd
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Loyal Lover

Yay for blood. ouo We need more bloody EI/REIs more often instead of just during Halloween season. emotion_dowant
Sign me up for the fan list. biggrin
Still lovin' these chains. X3
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awwww someone made an oopsie and spilled bwud all owver themsewvesssss~
*hands Antipathy a bib*
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Lord Vincent Blackwater
D-ment Psyche
Lord Vincent Blackwater
Sign me up for the fan list XD

random moment: I love your avi

Thank-you! xd

Quickish question what item are your horns?
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The blood on this one looks GREAT. Except... it looks way better than the super bright red blood we usually get, so it doesn't really match it rofl
Lazarus Larkin's avatar


Konan Tatsuhiko
I-is that a slit throat?

I'm watching this even closer now
Already excited for Friday crying

I think it's just like, rubbed raw and oozing blood from having a metal collar on.

But i could be wrong. That would fit the bit of story we have so far though.

(....captcha on this post is "slimy goop". That's... pleasant.)
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Tipsy Vampire

Maybe I'm super sleepy/looking waaaaaay to into this but the newest manga update vampire lover kinda reminds me of the avatar in the antipathy announcement.

Maybe this item follows the storyline? : D
That'd be pretty neat.

Of course, that's pretty out there...I guess.

Anyway, LOVING this item so far.
I always look forward to the Halloween REI/EI!

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I'm really enjoying the blood!
I don't own it, and don't plan on it but it's really great pixeling and such! So if I stumble upon extra gold I'll definitely pick it up! I'm so a fan!
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Xioalander's Husband

O.G. Regular

Please put me all over that fan list! I'm in love with this item. How does it not have more fans?!
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So love the new pose. It was a one pose evo this time, but how great the first evo is. I don't care. Can't wait for Friday. Ugh. YES!
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Deadly Cultist

I don't really care for this evolution. It was disappointing compared to the first set.
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milkbun makes amazing dark themed items, very much my style. Also the reds are always the best reds.

Call me a fan!
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High-functioning Unicorn

One thing I love about the new pose is that the color of the blood look more realistic then other bloody item....

But it came with a problem:
Almost nothing match with it sad
D-ment Psyche
Lord Vincent Blackwater
Thank-you! xd

Quickish question what item are your horns?

They're from Infernal Spirit.

Hum, I like blood, but I'm not really feeling the excitement for this one just yet. I'll be watching it closely though.
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Codebreaking Mage

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Such wonderful blood....

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