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So tell me, what do you want from this REI?

Blood! More blood I say! Just buckets and buckets of blood! >:D 0.26973684210526 27.0% [ 82 ]
I need me some eyes and wig(s)! 0.33881578947368 33.9% [ 103 ]
Poses that will creep me the math out~ 0.22368421052632 22.4% [ 68 ]
Hmm... I want to be surprised. :3 0.16776315789474 16.8% [ 51 ]
Total Votes:[ 304 ]
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Viviette Valentine
And tonight!, we discover he summoned a succubus and died, and the rest of the item is about her~ emotion_awesome

lol sorry couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke fun at you guys XD <3

I hope we get nice poses and meaty EI reports C: I really want to know the story behind this item~ maybe this is indeed the origin of Mephiste (the avatar in the announcement does have dark blue hair...) and the story takes place in Rosamund's kingdom O: it could've been a dark place before the evil king died, maybe his son wasn't bad and turned it around but Mephiste remains cursed and bitter and still tried to take revenge on his bloodline (Rosamund?), or it happened in a different place and he just got the hots for her centuries later XD or something else entirely x 3x; I don't know I just hope it's exciting and fun C: more magic and dark poses please!~

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OMFG! Its going to happen D; either a succubus or a female demon of sorts D;

Actually that would be pretty spiffy, so far Mephiste has popped up in two/a half of our reis and was the villain of our last one, would be pretty interesting to have him yet again this year and get to know what else lies beneath those cold eyes and blue hair ... and what species he could be followed by what happened o.o
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Invisible Vampire

Bought it and love it.
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omg with the new manga update I kinda thinking it might go in the direction of this story which makes me want it even morejnfljd
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Looking forward to seeing the new evo's today XD
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OMG it evolves tonight. EXCITEMENT I'm not used to having a REI while it's evolving. It might sound lame, but even if it turns out not so good I'll still probably enjoy following it through its evolutions.

I... I just... I'm not even gonna say anything until it evolves, I don't want to get myself disappointed or excited before I even see what it does.
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Been looking forward to this
Viviette Valentine
I love Once Upon a Time!, I haven't seen Rumpelstiltskin's story though... and it's just a bit suspicious O: Mephiste's hair is dark blue (if we go by the hairstyle in his Ravenwood Manor appareance) and this guy was presented with short dark blue hair O: I mean at this point is pure fan speculation, but so far the dots line up, awkwardly, but they do XD <3

The guy in the manga seems to have greenish hair though ): but who knows... it would be cool C: I guess time will tell~

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The manga uses a lot of coloring styles :/
Azraels hair seems to have a rainbow of dark browns reds blues purples depending on the picture.

I'm sure whatever the outcome, it will be interesting
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Handsome Gaian

waiting patiently for the evolution.... and the sudden price jump? emotion_dowant
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♥ ♥

omfg I'm so out of touch. I forgot an evo is for tonight.
I can't wait. I hope it's something awesome that doesn't green goo glitch
with my damn legs jfsjfsihfksgnsis

I need to start paying more attention. XD Now I have even more to
look forward to for tonight. Wahoo~

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Why is there an unnecessary comma in the item description? WHY?!
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omg with the new manga update I kinda thinking it might go in the direction of this story which makes me want it even morejnfljd

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who thought this emotion_dowant
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Apocalyptic Rogue

It evolved.

More blood. The prisoner's throat got slashed.

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn."
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Oh wow. I really like this evo. The details in the face is stunning and I love how the cheek looks!
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This evolution has cemented it for me: I need this EI. All this blood!

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