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I partake from time to time. Currently I'm a female wyvern from a video game I'm currently playing. Previously I was what is commonly known as a "lion-dog" (their actual names are escaping me atm). I was a bird (tengu?) creature for a while before that.

I am most commonly a white nine-tailed fox though. And for the last two/three christmas's I was an anthro Reindeer. And I'm a bunny on easter. I've also been known to become a lamia and a faun on occasion too. Here's a link to my journal of all my avatars. That'd give you a better idea of what I have/haven't done. sweatdrop

My favorite item combinations are the changeling skin + nosey tatt by far. (This is probably pretty obvious if you looked at the link.) My favorite item would have to be the crow/raven bird legs from the Nightmare ei. I LOVE those legs and wish we had more in different colors so I could use them more often. And of course I adore the white nine-tail from Yokai's Treasure, because I wouldn't be able to be my white fox form without it. It's also nice since it's not commonly used either, I think most people who are into the whole nine-tailed fox thing just use Inari's Beads or Nogitsune. 3nodding
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I do love the ideas so far and the diversity of you guys and gals (and non gendered beings).
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I'm a reptile/amphibian/etc kind of guy, so I usually go for turtles, lizards, things of that nature.

I like the Lizardman items, they're well designed X3

Those and the monitor sets are good. 3nodding
Wish they had more skin/furr/scale bodies to choose from tho, that way we dont have to use a set uvu;

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