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Krissim Klaw
I'm a reptile/amphibian/etc kind of guy, so I usually go for turtles, lizards, things of that nature.
None of which have facial hair... just saying. emotion_yatta

@OP- Not sure if you are aware but you can edit titles so you can get the spelling right.

As for dressing anthro, I do use tails and ears sometimes but I've never been super into dressing up like any particular critter. For a while way back in the day I did attempt my pathetic praying mantis version with my trusty old ice gantlets.
I would laugh if we got a bearded dragon item. emotion_awesome
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I'm not a huge fan of the animal items, I can't seem to work them into any of my avis. I do like the set of ears and the tail from Kandi Kitten. I might incorporate them into a character one day. yum_strawberry
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The first thing I ever crafted on Gaia was a pair of white paper cat ears. I'm partial to the "cat girl" look and will occasionally wear bunny ears during Easter or, on rare occasions, Halloween, but I can't say I've really gone full anthropomorphic.

Oh, wait, no that one time I created a nekomata look (it's a cat yokai from Japanese mythology). Otherwise, no. I don't.
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Fuzzy Puppy

Do you do the same?
Um, no? Why would I ever do such a thing? I mean wear items to make me look like a cute little puppy? Never could happen.

Is there a favourite animal item you have?
Sadly, no. If anything, the puppy ears, but there are issues with them. Gaia has made it way easier to dress as a cat and hard to be a dog.

What's the best avatar you have seen utilizing these items?
*shrugs* Couldn't tell ya. I've seen too many done so right I couldn't just pick one.
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I'd consider myself anthro preferring my karasu tengu base
I've got a beak, little claws on my hands, and don't wear shoes
because I've got bird feet and shoes are a silly concept to avian feet
I'd wear bird talons (foot mod) if they came in my color but alas ;v;

I think my favorite combo is the person who uses the changeling skin for their cat avatars
they add a nosy tattoo and a certain smile to make it appear cat-like
so instead of a troll nose it looks like coloration around the muzzle
I always thought that was a really cool idea
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Being a furry IRL, I tend to anthro out my avatars when I feel the itch so to speak. lol
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About 80% of the avatars I make are undeniably anthro to some degree. This one is pretty close to my favorite, but I have a white wolf avi that's a close 2nd. It's really hard to choose a favorite animal item for me. If they released a white recolor of charcole curiosity/belle, it'd be no contest, though, the flicking ears are amazingly adorable.

I swiped the changeling baby skin + nosey tattoo idea from someone a while back for a couple avatars, I thought it was great. I think they were using it to resemble an antelope?
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Feral Faun

Most I'll go is hairy half beast man and call it a day cool
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Horns, generally. Though I prefer being mythical animals as opposed to real ones.
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I rarely use any animal features on my avis... a lot of them sort of tend more towards the "unidentifiable humanoid creature" side of the spectrum. Meaning I use a lot of horns and odd skins and fangs and noses and stuff, but no fur/ears/tails.

I think that it's because I've had a lot of bad experiences with furries in the past so the anthro look is repellant to me now.
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Agile Glitch

I'm not one to often use animal items myself. But some animal items I find to be pretty cool and add an interesting unique touch to some avatars.
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I love mice, and it took a good while for me to get together a cartoony mouse look. Or at least for the items to come out that helped pull it together. Before I just couldn't get into it, but now I love my avi, I haven't changed it in forever. 4laugh
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I'm not a big fan of animal items, but of some reason I love the animated ears. sweatdrop There's just something about them.
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Oh wow, so many answers!!

I think I'd like to rotate around a load of animal avatars and screenie them, then list them somewhere.

I love how innovative you people are. X3
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Zowie Stardust
It's weird that I never considered my avatar exactly anthro, although it is I suppose.
I love bats! They're my favorite animal so when I saw they had released these items it was kind of obvious I would have them. Add White Body Dye for the skin and Year of the Sheep's tail for the perfect little tail to finish it off!

I've actually based all of my avatars from what I can remember off of some type of animal/demon dressed up all frou-frou and adorable.
- shrugs -

Aaah bat anthro is like the best anthro ever! I love it!

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