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Okay, GCDers! We're all very excited to have updated our manga, so let's get to chatting about it! Feel free to post anything about the new manga pages here: discussion, mashups, crackpot theories, the whole works! Let us know what you think!

- Do you support Gaia, Nyx, or neither?
- What do you think will happen to our intrepid heroes in the future?

Happy chatting, everyone!
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- Waited long enough for an update ...
- Nyx seems interesting
- Just waiting for the thrill,keep up the plot.
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Thanks for beinging this back

I look forward to doing mash ups again smile
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whoever gives out the best freebie, i'll support them A u A /hit

50% im excited for the friggin plot, which i hope that at least a good portions of our NPC shop keepers will be there, and 50% for something else. yeah.

im happy that there's gonna be more artists helping reaper on the manga. if anything, continueing the story is a really good idea at a time like this.

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Reaper art *____*
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Is your new direction of a loose style pretty much what Reapersun said on her blog that she'll be doing it in her rough sketchy style in her free time because you guys dont seem to want to work on it?

You know.. Cause its been like.. A year?

'Gaia Online

I was cleaning up some old folders and found this cover for an unfinished airship saga chapter on Gaia; it was done over a year ago. I figured I could post it since if I do eventually get to complete this chapter, it would be the first page anyway~ (as you can see, if you ever followed the gaia plot, it would have cleared up some things)'

'Unfortunately I don't believe we'll be able to update the comic soon.

We had the entire airship arc already mapped out when we started it, and the next part was written before CC left; it only had about maybe 60 pages left to complete it, so it was pretty close to finishing. So I'd love to finish it given time. They've got us really busy with CS items though.

I've thought about continuing it in a really sketchy style so that I could work on it in the short times between projects, but I know that Gaians don't like rough art so I'm not feeling particularly motivated to do that haha~ But I don't think it's going to ever get done otherwise. Idk~'

( http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-community-discussion/fate-of-the-airship-saga-from-reapersun/t.90302819/ <<< Info from here )
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~ ♥
====================================== ♥ ~

*of joy*

~ ♥
====================================== ♥ ~
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I wish to thank Gaia for bringing back the Manga. I like the small little comic strips and all but I LOVE the Manga.

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If you heard a squee of joy echoing around the world a moment ago, do not be alarmed. 4hikari just got super excited!
Manga'sbackmanga'sbackmanga'sbackmanga'sbackmanga'sbackmanga'sback 4laugh
*deep breath* I am very happy. xd
Actual Discussion: Gino is my favorite NPC, and Nyx wants him dead. So, for Mother Gaia!! I'd like to say that in the end, good will triumph, but my past experience with BOO and SIN proved otherwise. Eheh. sweatdrop Let's do our best and hope for success, Gaians? emotion_kirakira
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I'm very satisfied you guys are taking the time to work on the manga again. Having to hang characters in the midst of such a plot like that is really heart-wrenching. Just, what's gonna happen next? I dont know because they stopped and took a hiatus for an entire year! emotion_8c

Ah, I dont know the actual cause to why it stopped, and I wont delegate on it. But hey, listen. Don't stop what your doing on the manga. There are people reading this stuff. Whoever replies on here is the bold ones to speak for it. The rest...well, not so bold. But out of the thousands of Gaians here, there should be a very good portion wanting to keep up with the manga. I'll be waiting for the next installments for certain. emotion_yatta
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I'm so excited I returned after quitting. After ten years I quit and I get Facebook'ed saying the plot was updated. Wtf...
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Yay manga! I'm actually really confused as to what's happening in this first page. o.o I think I'm going to have to re-read old ones. It's been so darned long.
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I can't wait to see what happens next to Gino and company.
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It's great to see there's finally a manga update after a long wait!

I have not fully decided whose side I will be on, though normally I'd say right away in a post that I'm on Gaia's side. There's something about Nyx that intrigues me. I won't hide the fact that in the past, in almost all animes and movies that I watched, I've always had some affinity towards the dark side (especially in the Star Wars saga). This is going to be interesting!
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ally yourself with Nyx?,,, or support Gaia,,,what could this mean ?

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