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Magnetic Evader

I take an item then try to build an outfit around it. So I suppose to a certain degree the outfit has to match. I don't like chucking on random items although I sometimes do that for 5 minutes then hate myself and change it again.
Matching colours isn't really what I am for though and I honestly hate people who tell me that an item is the wrong shade. Half the time I've done that deliberately because I like the way that the slight offset compliments itself.
I occasionally have a theme, which always seems to be a variation of elegant and flirty. Otherwise I have no theme, like, ever.
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I usually try to have a color or theme to my avvie. whee
This isn't one of them though. xd
.. i think an avi with one color is super boring to look at.i try to match a lot of colors to make it interesting biggrin .
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Wheezing Sweetheart

I'm trying to lose the urge to match. I'm more about shape/texture/character now. I like that I don't feel obligated to match hair perfectly anymore.
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Merry Lunatic

I am trying not to, but I still have long way to go
for a start I will try to get more color variation even if it's just different shade
like red and yellow
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personally, i like looking at an avatar that blends well together. i cringe when i see a sore thumb sticking out in the middle of someone's avatar because i wonder if they hadn't looked down to check their zipper before they stepped out of their "customize dressing room". while i know some "personalities" are hell bent on shocking the bejesus out of everyone they can, the average person on gaia (i've noticed) tends to reveal a bit of themselves to others. there are so many ways to match items by color, style, material, accessory, design, culture, society, clique, etc. i've even seen people IRL use their friends/babies/pets/cars as an accessory to match themselves (huh?) oh well. it's there.
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I like anything that's gory or creepy or weird. Matching colors isn't my priority but sometimes it works for me when I want to have a certain look. Matched colors is easier on the eyes but the theme is more important to me.
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Muscular Member

I'm not sure what to say about my avatars.

I just try to make thoughtful, unique avatars that act as vignettes into a complex dream world of historical and folkloric romanticism.
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Sometimes when you get those comments about an item or a hair not fitting, it's not about the color but about the style.

Sometimes it's just strange to look at a persons arm clipping through their hair... I mean that's just poor item layering.


Yes I have a specific theme to my avatar... In fact it's more than a theme, but a solid character.
Matching colors is of minor importance, but matching the look and feel of the items so they all look like they belong together is rather important.
I tend to use my avatar to portray characters or stories, often ones that I'm in the process of writing.
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Sparkly Fairy

mine always seem to need some degree of matching/balance etc, even with themed avs.

Probably doesnt help i used to do the arena back in the day.
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Intellectual Codger

I'm obsessively matchy with my avatars unless I'm dressing them in "realistic" outfits...

...or, in the present case, unless a rainbow has barfed all over it xd
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Magical Shapeshifter

I like matching a lot. 3nodding
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I love matching... for me it's like putting together a puzzle!
Like, trying to find items that shade-match, even though they are not part of a set
it takes a lot of time going through various options
there have been times when I have tried to make theme-based avis...
but I always end up going for color-matching based ones...
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I like my colors to at least go together if not match. I love brown (good base color for some of the adventuring ones I like to do) but man does gaia have some really pain in the butt to match browns at times.

And don't get me started on green. If it wasn't for brown and blue items half of the avis I've made with green would have ended up in the trash I was having such a hard time with matching.
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I used to go insane with matching to the point that I had to have all of the colors equally balanced and matched from head to toe. I've finally been able to move past that a bit and now that I look back at those avi's I don't really like them all that much...they were just so....methodical

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