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How often have I read now lines along like
'I love that new pose, but the color...'

Gaians collect items because of personal liking, a theme they go for, fandoms or other reasons.
Something I notice about judging/criticism on Avis, are things like 'It's nice, but the hair doesn't fit'.
I don't change the color of my hair every day, to 'balance/fit' the colors of clothes I like to wear.

I tried matching or balance colors on my Avi for long time, but trying to break away from it.
I buy/wear, whatever I like now (and can afford lol)
I still end up trying to match colors most of the time though orz

Just some spoons:

- Do you have a specific theme on your Avi right now?
- How important is matching/balancing the colors on your Avi to you?
- Do you dress your Avi along personal interests, like cosplays, favorite things, hobbies, or just plain random?
i am on my "matching" stage
& it still irks me that
i can't match the brown
in my avi
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Apocalyptic Sweetheart

I used to be really crazy about matching and even dispersion of color, but then I gave up color altogether sweatdrop I dress mine in black and white because I'm lazy and over time it sort of just stuck to the point that it feels weird to change her...

Honestly though, I think more than matching, a good avi just looks right when you stare at it. Not top heavy, has a pleasing pallet, gives off personality etc.
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Thieving Sailor

                  I've moved away from matching.
                  Now I'm more about theme.
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I've always tried to make my colors compliment or match in some way or another. I do the same in real life. But I do wonder if growing up on gaia has made me more particular about the colors I wear and matching irl.
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Feral Girl

I don't see the appeal in being too matchy-matchy. Some are very creative and nice but I feel like it's typically easy to wear a bunch of items of a similar hue (I do it often too because it's easy). I prefer avys that use many colors well and in unique combinations but I feel like I am among a minority. I guess the "feel" of the avy is more important to me than the colors are.
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Salty Rogue

i pretty much only buy black items now. idek why, as i quite like bright colours actually!

but i'm really picky about items. i don't even look at an item if it's not the right theme.
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Magic Glitch

I like matching, oops
I just. I can't not make a matching avatar, it just doesn't happen.

sometimes I can get away with not making the balance perfect
or not matching the eyes
or something like that
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I match. Its what I like to do.

I do have several different collections and such. So I guess that plays into what I wear since they're a good portion of my inventory.
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Tenacious Spirit

I don't really care if I match or not.

One of my favorite avatars is still just a mismatch of colors and unrelated items.
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I have a set look so it's more about adding or subtracting things to keep the consistency.

it's not about the color (unless it's an off shade black on a brownish avi then ******** that) for me, but more of the style.

I have a lot of textures on Slick; fur, body hair, abs, curly hair, horns, a giant snake...

having something that's flat or an actual pattern throws me off a bit.
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I like to match, but clearly that isn't the case with the current apparel items I have on now rofl gonk Sometimes, I like being matchy matchy, other times I just try to be a little lax and build something comical or derpy for fun. Either way, style is personality and personality is your own. No right or wrong when it comes to fashion and wearing what makes you happy the most is a statement on its own. ninja
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Fluffy Girl

I like to at least somewhat match my avatars. However, I'm not always able to do so because sometimes you get a certain item, etc that just won't quite match the way you want it to.

I'm currently going with an icy themed avatar.

I dress up my avatar generally based on themes.
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i am on my "matching" stage
& it still irks me that
i can't match the brown
in my avi

Try the legmod on Workshop Flora!
Should add a matching brown and to the lower half with a hint of the same blue to round your look off

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gaia_angelleft gaia_star gaia_angelright
oh goodness i have such ridiculous matchy-matchy-lust x_x
my avvie usually has an overall 'theme' so i don't worry so much about that--but oh lordy loo i have to match. it's like a compulsion. 'i just used this shade of blue so i have to use THIS OTHER ITEM IN THAT EXACT SHADE--'
i end up buying multiples of different items a lot. u_u;

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