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i never have had a "dream avatar", and i will never be "done". Even if they stopped releasing new items, it would take me a while to run out of things to play with.
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Thea. And maybe that ewenicorn.

Probably not possible for me to get them, but then I don't have the time or luxury to really quest. Teaching takes too much of my time and energy, lol.

Oh well, one day. One day.
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Tiny Pumpkin

I hope I never come to the want to leave/have to leave.
If I was to go, I don't think I would have to have that one last item.
The only thing I am trying for now is The Sandman.
- Is there anything you MUST do before you can finally leave Gaia with no regrets?
I'm not sure; I always wanted to run a decent art shop. That's something I'd like to do, but it probably won't happen.

- What is that one item you have to buy at some point?
I'd like to own the Loony Hatter item one day, but it's so expensive in the marketplace. v_v

- When do you think you'll finally quit and why?
I'll never quit. I made some really good friends here, so i'll probably just go on hiatus. Even if i'm not an active Gaian, I'll still use my account to draw people for practice whenever I'm in the mood.
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Partying Reveler

When i've made 1 billion gold !

But seriously .. if i can obtain every item on my wishlist i would be content.
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Melodious Hero

Nitemare minis are my unachievable dream. I love how they look and they're versatile enough to go with most outfits, but I'm not willing to put in the ridiculous effort that would be required to get them.

On a smaller scale, clearing my wishlist tends to be an impossible dream, since I add new items after each RIG and I haven't really made progress on the bigger items. I think that's the nature of being on Gaia, though--there's always another item to add to your wishlist.
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Magnetic Lunatic

I don't think I have any particular goals on this site. I just like making avis out of what I have, I don't see any item as irreplaceable. So, there's not really an end for me. I'll quit for a while when I get bored. And then I'll show up again two years later.
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Think the one thing I want to accomplish before even considering leaving this site is to finally get myself to a cL 12.0 on zOMG. I'll also want to get me a Blood bat. Not through the marketplace, though. I actually want to craft that thing and feel the satisfaction of my hard work. emotion_dowant

But even then the chances of me quitting are slim to none. Been on this site for years and I'll remain on this site for more years to come. emotion_dealwithit
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well i just started a minis quest
so hopefully i wont quit and give up before that
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Enchanted Blue

Towns? O.o

+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

Yeah, sometimes when you collect certain Flowers or Trash, you can get up to 100k per day. xD

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Muscular Snowflake

I'd like to finish the alchemy back wings (Michael) and get the Heart x Mind before I leave for good rofl

Could take a very long time gonk
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User Image
I'd like to win one of the rare RIG pet items, one that I actually fell in love with immediately.
To feel that overwhelming sense of joy for pixels I love... Oh gosh, what a dream.
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To have everyone agree that I am the best.

Not really to have any items or anything since the reason I get them is to make better and better avatars.
Maybe to have a lot of people like my avatar then?

I like the idea of people thinking I am the best. Then I shall ascend.
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At some point I'd like to maybe get my minis and bunny slippers back. I foolishly sold them long ago for the temptation of newer, shinier items.
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I just finished my mini angel wing quest. mrgreen Now I am moving on to another big quest.

With all the time and money I put into my inventory I'll never leave. heart 4laugh

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