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I hate it when this happens because the thread was usually at the height of drama or interesting discussion and then the OP just had to p***y out.

I've subbed to a lot of threads with these titles simply because they had drama.
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Yeata Zi

I expected this to be a RAGE THREAD!

Very nicely done?

What do I do when I see these?


Then, giggle to myself sheepishly--sometimes make a light jab--then move on with my life.

It may only be like 2 to 3 minutes worth of drama, but it's always soooo delicious and you just can't help it.
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Oh man I just recently had this experience lurking elsewhere on le old internets.

Apparently if you don't get your own way, it means people are mean to you.

Sometimes I just want to walk away from it or see if there's some way I can subdue the situation. Usually I end up blocking the thread creator because edrama isn't really my thing.

I don't find it entertaining at all, I find it draining to read through, really.

I've been seeing entitlement threads popping up here lately, especially in SF. I don't what is up with that, but it's starting to become less entertaining and more annoying.
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          If a thread has a title indicating some sort of aggression or that the OP wishes to close it, I am immediately 100x more interested in what's inside than an average thread. I don't usually participate in drama but I love seeing what went down. Sometimes I wish there was more to observe, as messed up as it is, I do feel for the OP if they're not too much of a jerk. But Gaia can be slooow and drama is far more interesting to read than a bunch of people agreeing for several pages.

I like seeing what went down as well, it's interesting to see how things just went downhill from one comment. I feel for them as well if they're not being a mook and are actually trying to approach the conversation with clarity and not getting bent out of shape. You do have those who provoke the OP to get a rise out of them, which is kinda sad.

Drama is always more interesting. dramallama
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Odd Cinderella
I have been on the "closed" thread side. 3nodding My most "infamous," please note that I am using that word loosely, was my Pistolera "fan thread." Someone quoted something and it got blown out of proportions or I had said something, I wouldn't be able to recall right now, and because I felt so embarrassed, I decided to close the thread and move it into the recycle bin and moved accounts. 3nodding

Surprise GCD!

It's so surprising that a thread can get off topic by one little post. Well actually it shouldn't be since it doesn't much on le internet. whee
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Tayasu Sango
I always look inside but I don't post in them. Oh woe, when nobody quotes the original post!

I don't make threads of discussion often so this has never happened to me. On the other hand, people have been known to get antsy whenever I post an opinion that isn't a one-liner and/or popular. lol

Ohhh I know! You have to know what went down to garner whatever reaction from other users. My favorite thing though, is when the OP changes the OP and there isn't any evidence of the old one unless someone has quoted it!
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An OP once called me a bad Gaian who did not support the site, disrespected the artists, and also was too lazy/unimaginative to put together a decent outfit. This was all because I politely voiced my dislike of the colors chosen for a recolor of one of my very favorite items on the site.

It has to be the most ridiculous argumentative reply I have ever received.

... After reading other replys to this thread, I hope I correctly understood the topic. ^^;

Ohh those tangents because one person doesn't agree. You can be polite and people will still jump down your throat.
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Lapsis Stella

I'm not intentionally goading anyone. I merely read over them and then click away from the thread. I should have made it more clear when I responded to that person. I never engage anyone when the thread becomes heated in an argument, I find it useless when there are others who are already in the thread and debating/arguing with the OP.

But I'm sure the people who do engage these people are aware of that, or at least I would hope they are. There are instances where they aren't intentionally goading the person because the OP keeps coming back more and more. You have to remember, the goading can go both ways.

Reading back on it, my tone was perhaps more accusatory than intended. I was speaking of a general case rather than specifically calling you out.

It is not difficult to see when your responses are intentionally trying to provoke a negative response from another person, especially if you have been interacting with this person already and can generate at least a simplistic/minor profile of how they think and act.

Many users, particularly those in the GCD, ED and most 'Entertainment' forums, have an inherent sense of moral superiority because the 'troll' or frustrated op has broken the rules of the Terms of Service. They view this as carte blanche to be sarcastic, snide and 'witty' (using that in the loosest sense of the term) because "Hey that guy is a total a**, who cares anyway?". Worse still, they so rarely get called out on it that it sets a precedent that this sort of behavior is okay.

I would say that the vast majority of users who respond in 'closed threads' to reply to the OP are theoretically aware that what they are doing is wrong/trolling, but not cognitively conscious of it at the time. A lapse in judgment you could say.

No worries! emotion_yatta I know tone sometimes doesn't come across that well over the internet!

Oh yes, they can. The Walking Dead forum is a perfect example of that happening a little too much. I don't like to engage in the arguments because I find it more entertaining to watch it snowball from a civilized conversation into something that is straight out of a TV drama.

Sometimes it's not hard to have a lapse in judgment, the temptation is already there and there is no one really stopping you but your own self. And sometimes that isn't enough and before you know it, in a flame war.

I think sometimes a tone is mistaken for trolling, especially if the poster didn't really mean anything by it and another user is just looking for an excuse to start an argument. It really isn't hard.
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Sir Black Tea
I hate it when this happens because the thread was usually at the height of drama or interesting discussion and then the OP just had to p***y out.

I've subbed to a lot of threads with these titles simply because they had drama.

Sometimes I wish I had subbed the threads, but I rarely do because most times they're locked or recycled before too long. emo
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I still read those threads because usually I'm late and the drama's over. I avoid posting in them and I remind myself not to get involved in threads like that.
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Uh I think and say who cares, good for them to know when to close a thread or step away from the computer when Gaia is becoming more of a stressful chore and less of a fun game. I don't find anything amusing about it.
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Lapsis Stella
That last part is so true. I love it when they use huge letters over and over again. It's hilarious because you know when it's to that point, they're just desperate.
Posting in order to intentionally goad, offend or otherwise harass a user is trolling according to the Gaia Terms of Service. Just because they are stupid and/or have broken the rules themself does not give you free reign to ignore the ToS when you talk to them.

Lapsis Stella
Brozen Brogurt
Dramaaaa~ It happens a lot in the exchange.

I'm hardly in the exchange...but I may have to lurk there. ninja
It's not what you think. When a seller has found all the things the want to buy/sell have been sold/bought they close their thread. No drama at all.

I've closed many threads in forums due to trolling. People just being generally rude. Yeah, sometimes the OP can jump the gun, but usually its just people flaming.
Trolling and flaming are two entirely different things. It's oversensitive/uninformed users who don't try to understand the difference that results in such verbal kerfuffles.

I do know the difference in trolling and flaming...I don't however reply well when using my phone to do so...if for some reason it came across like I was confused. I'm perfectly aware of what each means.

I've had both trolling and flaming on certain threads I've started. I've had people who would start arguments (which it's fine to debate, but...come on) and start calling names and insulting peoples intelligence... so I closed it because I refuse to have someone turning a rather peaceful discussion into a "I'm gonna make you feel as low as possible" party. I've also had people jump on my FREE art threads just to insult my work or the work of people I've been collaborating with...and one person I can tolerate...but when it becomes a pow-wow for people to insult a person or group who is just trying to get better at something and give people stuff for FREE. That's just ridiculous and I won't let myself or any of my friends have to deal with people being just negative for no reason. If someone doesn't like a type of artwork then they should just move on and go on to artwork they do like.

Sooo...I do respect a person's right to try to shut down a thread...I do believe though that it should be easier to do so without contacting admin. Because you sometimes have to wait days while this thread with hostile people continues to grow....and I'm just afraid that one day some of the absolutely negative good-time Charlies are gonna say something absolutely uncalled for hurt someone for the worst.
Bullying of all kinds effects people in different ways...even if it's anonymous.
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Cutting down on the clutter, but I want to ask you something about thread hijacking, trolling, etc that you experienced. Why not just place the troublemakers on ignore list? Isn't the ignore list's "ignored users can't post in the thread" bit applies to all forums out there?
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I have seen people do this in SF after like...two posts disagreeing with their suggestion. And suddenly it's all "JUST CLOSE THIS U GAIZ DONT UNDERSTAND ME!!!!!" I've always felt that if you haven't thought your idea out enough to defend it, or don't have the backbone to defend it, why post it? Do people really expect everyone to just fawn over them and agree with their ideas?

It's mind boggling.

The little passive aggressive messages they tend to leave in their OPs are kind of amusing at times, though. But I always find it naive that they expect people will magically stop posting just because they packed their toys and left because inevitably, people will keep discussing the thread so long as the thread is there. LoL

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