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Imperial Shockies
Imperial Shockies
WTF FREE 500k!? eek

technically not free, you're paying at least $5 for it.... >_>
I don't have a Mule! gonk

How can I get this!?

....Get a mule? XD; Although I wonder if you make a mule right now, would you even end up getting the PM? (I imagine they'll send a round of PMs again when the offer is about to go away)

Or ask a friend to lend you a mule ._.;

I'm willing to lend out mules. O_O
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...I would be more well-receiving of this if it didn't occur after CV, the CV sale, the secrecy surrounding the "bonus" for those who bought prior to the CV sale, the new forced Ca$h $hop landing page, WTFluff Event bundle in the Ca$h $hop, the Summer fiascoSale w/the Angelic Halo stint...

... cat_neutral
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i earn all my cash XD and im considering buying but idk....hm 500k is such a tempting offer. i wouldn't mind it at all.
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Not everyone get's this, I'm subscribed to the monthly auto-cash thing and I have not received this 'perk'.
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Well, that's nice. This is a good promotional thing for people who haven't bothered to get GC yet.

This a made me tempted to go on to one of my mules just to get the box. Not a bad deal that 500k...I kind of need that right now too...Darn you Gaia! Let's see if I can scrounge up $5 to waste on gaia.
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Would buying a cash card and redeeming it get you a teal box? If you got the email, of course. xd
Anyone know which CI it gives you?

Looks like Cirque du Gothique, but....?

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