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does anybody know what the chance items they are giving?
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Okay, more stealth stuff.
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I just found out about this myself! The choices are really quite appealing O__O
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One, I don't even KNOW if I've spent cash on this account. =/

Two, I see a lot of discussion about the incentives and such, which is great. But, seriously, has anyone gotten the bundle and gone for the three CI's?? I want to know what they are. =P
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Honestly, I think this isn't a terrible idea.

...The 500k option is. Maybe if they replaced it with a random/current REI, or even an extra 500 gcash, that'd be much less potentially dangerous to the economy.
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Didn't receive the PM, though I know I originally spent G Cash when it came out.
Wouldn't matter anyway, I'm not going to spend cash that I don't have.
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            Hahahahaha.. I JUST spent $5 on this account to get that Panda item.. I could have done it on my mule and gotten the gift box. Well... s**t. rofl

♥ YUM! ♥
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Another incentives to make users purchase cash, and whats more surprising is gaia is ok with users abusing it confused
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Just bought Hoarfrost last week, if only I had waited and bought on a mule.
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I'm a little nervous about inflation now...

I thought gaia wanted a gold sink and not introduce more gold~?

+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

Seems to me that Gold does not apply to Gaia anymore. =/

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Six Mekhane

oh...cant forget about those who got the pm by mistake....they also get the rewards.

GTFO. Proof?

Stalk siskys posts :/ its in there. I'm on the android app. .very limited on what I can do here.
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Six Mekhane
actually, it's in that thread you linked in your OP. It's in response to someone asking if they'll get in any sort of trouble for redeeming. Which is reasonable. Bank makes an error in your favor.
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How long does this offer last for?
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500,000 g! THAT'S AWESOME!

Do we get that WITH autocash too?

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