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So, you don't care about the value of Gold on this website or inflation, but you think it would be a "fun" idea to give people portions of the money they receive back, via the taxes from selling in the Marketplace?

So what about people that don't sell in the Marketplace, and only through Exchanges? Why even give back half of the 2%? Why not just lower the tax to 1% so Gaia doesn't have to bother with the effort of giving you back half your Gold?

This "fun" idea seems tedious and also incredibly pointless.
people sell in the exchange to avoid taxes. thats not part of my suggestion and i dont care. my suggestion is a fun little reward for people who lose gold to oblivion when they sell on the mp. i doesnt. care. sir.

Please tell me English isn't your first language. rofl
making fun of my gammar and spelling or what not. sentance structure. is not the point o this conversation sir.

also missing letters are due to my fingers locking up

There's this thing called "proofreading". It allows you to look at what you've typed up, realize what's incorrect, and then fix the mistakes.

Also: proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are what allow your thoughts to be conveyed in an easy-to-read and comprehensible manner, and give strength to your arguments.

In other words: no one will take your silly suggestions seriously if you don't get them across properly.
and does it look like i care if people take me seriously =D
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I'm gonna join the chorus of no. Then again, it's not like it would really matter anymore.
hai =D
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This thread is giving me a headache.
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Hell no. You might not care about the consequences, but it's already been explained in this thread how they'd be pretty negative.

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i knew i payed those taxes for a reason
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I can't say I care for your 'idea', or your concept of 'fun'.
gaia should do tax refunds. like... you should get 50% of the taxes we pay through the marketplace back or something as long as we go over to gambino bank from from jan 1st to april 15th. i think that would be pretty sweeetttttt
id love that too but that'll put the final nail to the marketplace's coffin
Well I was taxed 8 million Gold from the Marketplace when my item sold...
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this girl is so lol
i think i like this better than that "translate to all languages" girl
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Aside from the many legitimate & obvious reasons we have the tax, your idea has one fatal flaw: Gaia takes any idea & half-asses it. Unless it involves GC, but even that can be debatable.

Honestly, look at all the many great ideas the site tried to put into place that now sit & rot.

So even if your idea was a good one (which it's not, the tax would be totally moot at that point) Gaia would ruin it & any "fun" to be had from it would be gone.
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Nope, terrible idea and you're clearly an idiot of the highest caliber. emotion_eyebrow
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as much as everyone's shitting on op's admittedly bad idea, it does sound like something they'd do...
"they want more gold? just give them more gold"
of course, you would have had to spend x amount in gcash to get your taxes this year...
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you gave me a tumor
Not everyone gets tax refunds. Why not have people pay owed taxes instead?
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but why. who cares if inflation gets worse. its not my problem. im considered poor on this site now. and that bugs me. however. its the portion of the site who give in the gaia cash bullpoop that cause the inflation.


its a website. does not change your real life in anyway regarding money and stability untill you let it control you and people take this place way too seriously and get all butt hurt over everything. i think the tax thing would add and extra fun little thing to get once a year without having to really do anything.
You do realize that if we have tax cuts, hardcore vendors are the ones getting more tax return and that makes non-vendors even poorer from a relative standpoint?

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