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So after a month of waiting, we finally have a brand new Cash Shop Bundle!
I present to you and myself, the ever-so-adventurous Swords of Justice Bundle!

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You will find all of the items from this bundle below.
So o'GCD, opinions? Constructive criticism?

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Swords of Justice Bundle

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Unlikely Hero

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Ivory Archer

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Kiipah the Seafoam Dragon

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Vorpal King (Bundle Exclusive)

Wow, you're fast!
I love the archer! The hair reminds me of Asuna's hairstyle from Sword Art Online but teal
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Swashbuckling Nerd

I liked this one, not enough to buy it immediately of course, but it was nice to see some fantasy again.
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Man-Hungry Pirate

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hmmm, gonna have to sit on this one....


dat arm mod in ivory archer is so for slimdudes and ladies.
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wooooo red and black

havent seen that in a while
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Lonely Prophet

I love the items.. but hate the colors.

Vorpal King
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I want the Archer just for the bow. Love the pants and shoes in the Unlikely Hero. <3
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Shirtless Cat

The dragon is really cute but other than that it's not really my thing.
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Aside from the animal, I want all three other items. They look sooo good. And that hair reminds me of Asche's hair in Tales of the Abyss. -screams- :'D

Time to get some gold!
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Familiar Rogue

I keep hearing voices in my head.

Hmm might try and make an avi with some of those items at some point

Should I be worried?
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Durem Champion

Unlikely Hero is alright, bit the chance of me buying it is... Unlikely. emotion_awesome
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I love the blouse on Ivory Archer. if only the skirt part was just pure white without the extra colors... emotion_sweatdrop I think I'll get it for the blouse...

Vorpal King
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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

I dislike how the bow has arm mods/ugly arm things to wear in
order to hold the bow. sad

Not really feeling any of it. I'm more than likely going to get the
Unlikely Hero for the sword though. I wish it had a back mount
pose. -___- urg, I'm sad we get a new bundle and it isn't anything
I really am awed over.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Ruthless Raider

I freaking love every damned item in it. Bought it in a heart beat!

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