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Important: all the off-topic/spam its going to be reported, go to the Hangout thread if you want to talk about anything that is not related to the Suspicious Package or its items

note for the people who ask what the Enigma Chest contains, it may contain a Chill of Artemis, SDPlus #207 DJ Helsing Doll, an item from Famestar 2000 (Mercury´s Moon, Tsurara/Kokutan/Matao the demon cat), or from the Emerald Seed (Warmth of Apollo, one of the 3 Blessings), it also can contain other less valuable items, like Ginny. (source)

Suspicious Package Item List


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SDPlus #206 Fleep Doll

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SDPlus #207 DJ Helsing Doll

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SDPlus #208 Superphi Doll

-Lucky Cats

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Genki the Lucky Cat

User Image
Tomi the Lucky cat

User Image
Tama the Lucky Cat

User Image
Ai the Lucky Cat

-Animal Related

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Nomy the Snail

User Image
Pudgie the Sparrow

User Image
Dodo Bird

User Image

User Image

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Tropical Disease

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Tomo's Basket

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Gin the Kitty

-Ivan Related

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Tax Man's Dinner

User Image
Business Man's Tie Rack

User Image
Scientific Calculator


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Scarification tattoo

User Image
Henna tattoo

-Food Related

User Image
Meatball Fight

User Image
Bon Pain

User Image
Sushi Error

User Image
Monkey Brains

-Country Related

User Image
Spirit of Scotland

User Image
Wooden Clogs

User Image
Peravian Set

-Random Items

User Image
Cockerel's Waltz

User Image
Giant Syringe

User Image
Mystic Skull

User Image
Chill of Artemis

User Image
Stone Guardian Mask

User Image
Lil' Gargy

User Image
Box of Totally Innocent Objects

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Lulz a new RIG. I like tha fact that is like the old style rando-boxes.One level one way to win.Open them.
Vivian V Schlechter
really? O=
thats kinda boring but at the same time interesting <3

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Well it is not like there is a box inside a box.
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I got a blue Geisha wig
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Wait, whaaaat? D:
Is there a new item box thing or something? >.>
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I just clicked on it to open it. I don't think you have to go through stages.
But i already opened three xD
I got a Dark Knight Fish
8K Mythrill coin( Dx )
And something called Nomy the snail. Its cute =w=
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Whoa, wait. Hold the phone.

We got a new item? xD What am I missing here?

Who forgot to give me the memo!? D<
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Wait, what?
Vivian, explain!
Tryna Lia
Whoa, wait. Hold the phone.

We got a new item? xD What am I missing here?

Who forgot to give me the memo!? D<
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The new RIG is called the "suspicious package"
The announcement hasn't been made yet, though
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OMG WHAT? gonk gonk gonk gonk
The notorious RIG.

What, another one?
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come ooonnnn mercury's moon.
I can;t buy any though xD sdfvsflb. so I'll have to see what kind of fun stuff comes from them and scoop those up > 0>

I wish I could buy one though ; w; I love opening boxes.
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A new one ALREADY? gonk

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