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1100 - 3000 0.027777777777778 2.8% [ 4 ]
3100 - 5000 0.048611111111111 4.9% [ 7 ]
5100 - 9000 0.31944444444444 31.9% [ 46 ]
9000+ 0.59722222222222 59.7% [ 86 ]
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Denham's avatar

Anxious Builder

20,050 Points
  • Olympian 200
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Invisibility 100
          12,250 but I'm currently waiting on that loiterer achievement, I still have three more days apparently. The most pain staking achievement to get for me was probably the recent Halloween one. The games weren't too bad but it was time consuming. My achievement regret is not being around for any achievement before pie hard, and then not even participating in that.
          My favorite achievement is probably the Olympian achievement, it was the most fun to work towards. But if there was an alien themed achievement that would be my new favorite.
Ping of Death's avatar

Bashful Exhibitionist

17,100 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Battle Hardened 150
Every time I think about one event achievement that I missed I get annoyed. I like them because I'm a completionist I guess. I like accomplishing something even if it's just for pixels.
Naya Merai's avatar

Magical Cat

User Image
█████████████ ████████xxxN a y a . M e r a ixxx████████ █████████████

I never used to really care about them. But when I started getting bored on gaia at one point I started getting a lot of them. Certain ones I don't wanna bother changing my whole avi to get these days. But since they added titles, it is even more interesting to get a lot of them. Though I feel like most event achievements are a bit too difficult to get. I was never the best at getting a ton of points in events, so I've probably missed out on some great titles to stick under my avi. My achievement score is currently at 9,450.

█████████████ ████████xxx© E x c u s e . M e ! ©xxx████████ █████████████
Al-Kutbay's avatar

Ruthless Hunter

8,050 Points
  • Millionaire 200
  • Forum Explorer 100
  • Loiterer 100
I think of them as fun little time wasters and have only recently put any actual effort into getting some of them. sweatdrop

- What's your Achievement Score right now?
- Which is your favorite Achievement?
Timid. I find the concept of it hilarious and the fact that I got it by complete accident is sort of beautiful.
- Which Achievement do you hate the most?
None so far.
- What Achievement/s are you after right now?
Mega Tipsy and Big Tipper are my two main ones right now. The others will come in time. I am patient.
- Ever had any bad experience while trying to get a Achievement?
Nope. I thought I would with the Invisibility achievement, but I lucked into getting that one on my first try.
ThanatosRising's avatar

Obsessive Vampire

27,100 Points
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Winged 100
  • Fusion Master 1000
I pretty much do them for the sake of completion. I'm the type of person who loves doings stuff like that - like in RPGs I'll spend hours just farming for gold so I can max out on all the store bought potions and stuff XP

- Whats your Achievement Score right now?

- Which is your favorite Achievement?
Timid. The whole writing a post only to hit the back button is my Gaian life story.

- Which Achievement do you hate the most?
There were two achievements Gaia granted as a reward for some Hair Style mini-event. I hate them because I can never have them.

- What Achievement/s are you after right now?
Loiterer. I'd also like to get the Alchemy achievements someday, but it's so expensive it's not in the enforceable future.

- Ever had any bad experience while trying to get a Achievement?
Invisibility was the most annoying one for me. It wasn't really a "bad" experience though.
Razumi Yazura's avatar

Valiant Bard

34,900 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Shopkeep's Apprentice 500
  • Wing Mastery 100
I generally do achievements feverishly in most of the games I play. I have an achievement problem. It's like WoW all over again. User Image

I currently have 14,500. I need conventioneer and I'm working on the loitering achievements.
kkoming's avatar

Heart Star

Mmmmmmmmmmm i never saw the appeal of them.
Though that might be because all the flashy animation things just make my computer slow.
Still...i feel like Gaia could do without them.
POlSON-CANDY's avatar


User Image

I got my achievements a while ago... I never really aim for them I just well... get them. I love the fact that it says I'm a vampire. Because well... that's what I am.

User Image
Himemiya Neko's avatar

Sparkling Senshi

I don't care about them at all.
If I get one without even trying, cool.
Though I never go out of my way to actually achieve them.
sometimesalways's avatar

Aged Gearhead

I'm at 12,750. Might be higher in the next few days if I get the turkey one and Loiter which I am pretty close to getting.

They are pretty fun to do but I never stress out about getting them all. If I get one, cool. If not, oh well. My current fave is the "Ultimate Player" which gave me the awesome sex-symbol title.
Your Neglected Sex Toy's avatar

Devoted Man-Lover

13,950 Points
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Threadmaster 200
  • Firestarter 200
I missed a lot of event-related achievements, due to my hiatus.
I really like achievements, I have every single one that is available all the time, apart from Loiterer (I think two days more and I'll have it) and then the achievement that happens after Loiterer.
I'll try to get Alchemy Level 10 one day too, just for these achievements. 8D
My current point-count is: 10,450
I mostly did them because of boredom, but titles are nice too. 3nodding
TekoaNaman's avatar

Witty Genius

Before titles, I didn't care. I never saw the point of achievements and thought they were dumb. Now, I want to get most of them. My favs would be the grunny achievement that granted the title "rainbow" and tycoon for unlocking 10 extra slots in the marketplace. I HATE THE GENDER BENDER ONE! And sausage fest! And nudist colony, too! That has to be the worst so far, actually
J Lone Wolf's avatar

Manly Hunter

23,800 Points
  • Hunter 50
  • Battle Hardened 150
  • Seasoned Warrior 250
13,150. I get them just because I'm a whore for things like that. Not for status or anything else, I'm simply just very stubborn and competitive.
My favourites are listed under me, and I usually use " Moonlight Hunter " I would like if I could use the title "vampire" first so that " Vampire Hunter " would be available. I'd be set. pirate

Making the chatterbox no reply (was that it?) thread was bit of a pain in the butt.
for fcks sake I moved's avatar

Questionable Hero

10,950 Points
  • Battle: Knight 100
  • Partygoer 500
  • Ultimate Player 200
I'm not paying too much attention to those titles
I get them randomly.

Sometimes I stop by to help other people with Achievements, though.

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