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Reitzog's avatar

Aged Pirate

Achievements, that's it.
I was kinda wondering, how much do you care about them?
When comes for you the moment to care for them and go after them?
I unfortunately missed the Achievements of a few Events out gonk
I like to get them, to make funny titles, and to kill boredom xD
The title Rainbow Pirate gave me the idea of my actual Avi and Username.


- Whats your Achievement Score right now?
- Which is your favorite Achievement?
- Which Achievement do you hate the most?
- What Achievement/s are you after right now?
- Ever had any bad experience while trying to get a Achievement? (I just think about nudist colony and prayer's circle, ughh)

- Why are you not interested in them?
- What should they change on it to get you interested?

Thanks for the Inquisitor Achievement 83
Originally I went after them because I thought they might be tied to backwings, now I go after them because as a child the show Pokemon imbedded in my mind, Gotta Catch 'Em All!
Koroux's avatar

Magic Glitch

I originally got achievements just out of boredom... but now I get them for titles. x:
As soon as it came out, I knew I had to have the pyromaniac title~
also I like points. I don't know what they're for, but I want them.

gotta catch em all omfg
Sabin le Rose's avatar

Shameless Enabler

I don't give one flying eff about achievements anymore.

I kind of killed that thought process quickly after a few years ago I found myself thinking "I won't get this game because it doesn't have good achievements."

Fixed my mentality towards them right up.
Ysavvryl's avatar

Peaceful Lunatic

Sometimes I drop in the Achievements forum to help other people. But the only ones I'm actually working towards now are the alchemy levels, and that's only indirectly. Invisibility looked like it was going to be a big pain, and I remember how one of my friends spent about two weeks trying to get it (I'm not sure if he gave up or got it...). Then I managed to get it the first time I tried. I did do some prep work to get it, but it's still kind of lucky. biggrin

The one Achievement that will always pester me is the one that gives the Cat/Dog title because I joined shortly after it ceased to be available emo . I'd love to have 'cat' to use.
For some reason the achievements notifications freeze and crash my browser,
so I don't really bother with them at all.

I thought I had them turned off too, but it appears they're back on again > n >

I find the titles silly to begin with, anyways.
Bea Lavesa's avatar

Liberal Scrooge

Achievements are great nonsense fun, but honestly the only thing Gaia's take on them ever did for me was slap me out of my achievement junkie phase. They were just too bizarre and too much hassle compared to what they were worth in the end. The site doesn't really revolve around this kind of overt prestige, let's admit it. At least it didn't use to.

The creative spin they've put on the title system is beautiful though, and the choices are rich enough even if you don't put a lot of effort into the whole business. I like that. It adds some dimension, even if it's not too serious and still bit of a peripheral phenomenon. I don't know, maybe it's just me not staying up to date on things, but achievement titles don't seem integrated into the Gaian culture to the extent that anyone actually cares about what other users display yet.
Pfefferminze's avatar

High-functioning Cat

19,050 Points
  • Hero 100
  • Fusion Apprentice 100
  • Cool Cat 500
I like Achievements.
I do them for fun and to kill boredom.

Still waiting for a Achievement that gives the title 'drunken'
Erinnerung's avatar

Questionable Mage

I want the titles. emotion_omnomnom
Noxte's avatar

murmurlade's Husband

O.G. Husband

12,700 Points
  • Battle Hardened 150
  • 50 Wins 150
  • PvP 200
I like the achievements; I just hate that I missed out on most of the event achievements. :c
I find them fun and something to do; not that I really hunt out the achievements or anything (Except for the Halloween 2k12 event, I WAS going to get that Dark Elf title darn it. xd ) It does make me happy whenever I get granted an achievement randomly, though. emotion_kirakira
Flora Carrow's avatar

Barton Nerd

14,750 Points
  • Jolly Roger 50
  • Abomination 100
  • Nerd 50
I've been CRAZY obsessed with my Achievement Point ever since I came back from my hiatus and figured out what they are. My e-peen must continue to grow bigger and bigger! emotion_dowant Plus, I like the substance it adds to our events and it gives me something to do during Gaia's slower times.

Whats your Achievement Score right now?
12,550, but it will be 12,650 in three days after I earn my Loiterer Achievement.

Which is your favorite Achievement?
The Medalist Achievement because I now can represent my favorite town in my title.

Which Achievement do you hate the most?
... One that I don't have?

What Achievement/s are you after right now?
The Loiterer Achievement is currently my last Achievement, besides the Conventioneer Achievement. I've already accepted that I will never earn that one. -__-;; Hey, maybe that warrants it being my "most hated" Achievement...

Ever had any bad experiences while trying to get a Achievement?
NOPE! I've made around twenty mules just to avoid these sorts of experiences. When it comes to Achievements like Nudist Colony and Prayer Circle, I'm impatient and don't feel like dealing with other users' bullshit. emotion_awesome
Milk Kittea's avatar

Cluttered Kitten

14,000 Points
  • Champion 300
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Elocutionist 200
User Image
I'm at 10,600 points for achievements right now. I worked hard for those so I'm proud of them.
I try to go after any achievements within a reachable distance, but I know I won't get certain ones.
The Conventioneer, for example, is an achievement I will probably never get.
Unless I'm in Chicago when there happens to be a Gaia booth/event there, it's unlikely.

I'm kicking myself for not participating in some past events because those would have been easy achievements to get.
Because of those, I'm pushing myself to get any future holiday or event achievements. Grrrrr!

I mostly get achievements because I like seeing my score go up & I LOVE getting new titles to use.
Even if a title doesn't interest me, I feel like I need to see it in my list of titles to choose from, haha.
Srintella Tiagara's avatar

Wealthy Hoarder

I'm at 7550 points. Frankily, I really don't care for it at all.

I got enough to do on gaia without worrying about points. uu.
Mikaino's avatar

Sparkly Sex Symbol

11,350 Points
  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Somebody Likes You 100
  • Trader 100
- Whats your Achievement Score right now?
10,850, and it'll go up by a few more once I finish posting about 70 more posts, and once I log in tomorrow. xD;

- Which is your favorite Achievement?
The one that gives you the "Sex Symbol" title. xD

- Which Achievement do you hate the most?
Gender bender. emotion_8c

- What Achievement/s are you after right now?
Loiterer and Elocutionist!

- Ever had any bad experience while trying to get a Achievement?
When I turned into a man, that was terrible and I couldn't stand it. ; A ; Clambake was annoying to get as well!
Psycho Koneko's avatar

Timid Lunatic

The one Achievement that will always pester me is the one that gives the Cat/Dog title because I joined shortly after it ceased to be available emo . I'd love to have 'cat' to use.
      I've been trying to figure out how people have that title and now you're telling me it's unavailable?

      Anyway, back on topic.
      I don't even care about the points since it seems they serve no purpose.
      I do remember wanting to get a few achievements for certain titles in events though.
      But now I'm back to not giving a damn about getting them.
      Hell, almost all of the ones I have you don't have to work really hard to achieve.

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