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I have a lot of saved outfits (My most favorites) that I change into multiple times a day. The longest I've had an outfit on for was a year and a half to two years, but that was a long time ago. Nowadays I change often, unless I'm offline for most of the day.

Disgusted from all the MP items I'm using? No, they're virtual items, I would think twice about real clothing articles, but why the hell would I be on Gaia? Anywho, I just made this avatar (to match this awesome new sword), it's pretty cool, so I guess I'll keep it for a while. Maybe a day or two.
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Timid Rogue

My clothes are used and stained?

... Eewwwww. gonk

I like to have a new avatar once a week or so. I'm not online so much, so it doesn't much matter. I used to change it every few hours... but that was before college life.
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I...never thought about that...


I change my avatar all the time, even if I make one I'm really happy with I usually change it soon after.
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Girl-Crazy Bear

i usually change my avi when i get a new item. like i bought the red yfronts and i had the shoes and glasses so i just bought the shirt and made this one, my usualy avi is like

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i used to change my avatar almost every day, but now i only do that when i'm not happy with how it looks. i save a few outfits at any given time and once i go through them, i will erase the one i like the least, make a new one, then go back to an old one for a holiday maybe.

idk if you're joking about the used items, but no it doesn't gross me out. I DO try to cycle through my items and get RID of really old ones, actually, though.

but i'll go months without changing my avatar sometimes.
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I change my avatar everyday, really; avatars/items are the only anchor keeping me on Gaia.
I always make mine themed, usually with a yandere vibe. So I was absolutely overjoyed when Ship Happens came out. emotion_kirakira
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Every other week or so, or when the mood strikes me.
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Aged Gearhead

I change my avatar nearly every day. My look depends on my mood. Today's look was inspired by my new glasses in RL.

Used items from the MP don't bother Sal. Hell, his favorite pair of undies supposedly came from Edmund's laundry.
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I try to stick with my avi's designs normally too, just adding and removing stuff. I normally don't care for backgrounds really, but the wings really did me in. So, yeah, despite my closet has different outfits, but I rarely change into them.
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Oh no, no, no, I wash all the clothes I buy off the marketplace. And then I cleanse them with fire. Very good at removing stains!

I change my avatar often, but this is the first time in a while that I changed my hair AND my eyes along with my outfit.
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I believe I am the only weirdo that doesn't like to buy/wear used items from the marketplace. sweatdrop That's why I only list/donate my extra items that I've never worn, and sell the extras I've accidentally worn to the shop. I realize how ridiculous this is, but I've just always been this way on Gaia and so never thought to change. xd Plus, it helps me not to want expensive items. I've probably bought around 20 items from the marketplace since 2003, and they're usually just free event items that I missed. gonk Due to my lack of use of the marketplace, I just recently reached 1 mil gold for the first time a couple months ago. sweatdrop Gifts are a different matter, though. If someone gifts me an item, I'll keep and wear it for sentimental reasons.

And I usually change my avi for every event I participate in, and then every season if I haven't changed for a few months. I only change my avi daily if I dislike it a lot until I'm satisfied. (I'm going to change my current avi after Sisky's contest ends.) I rarely wear underwear because I'm too lazy, and I only have a couple pairs anyway. xd
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I change mine every week or so. I have so many items it seems like a waste not to try them all out. I have a few favorite outfits saved for when I want to change but I'm feeling lazy or uninspired.
As for the MP, I get a lot of stuff there but I haven't been doing much shopping lately since I just got a bunch of event items and whatnot.
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I can't usually afford brand new items so I buy them from the MP. But I guess I don't really need to worry about used and stained items when I'm also wearing blood spatter.
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Pierced Member

talk2hand you say it like some of us actually bother with underwear
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I usually feel pretty happy when I come up with a new look. Though sometimes I get stuck and feel like I'm recycling the same thing or can't get the look that I want. At that point I say eff it and use an old avatar. :< Makes me pretty sad.

On that note, my avatar hasn't worn underwear in a long time. I'm surprised there's not a Commando achievement. ninja

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