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It feels great changing your avatar after a long time, it makes you feel refreshed and different. You put on those sweaty new items that other people have worn... (Have you ever took the moment to figure out that the majority of the clothes you buy from the marketplace are USED. Stains and all!)

So Gee Cee Dee, how does it feel to change your avatar?
Do you feel disgusted about all of the used items you wear from the marketplace? sweatdrop
Did you recently change your avatar?
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Every few hours.
I only keep the really nice ones.
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Usually uncomfortable. I am just so set in my avatar ways that I can stick with certain designs and never change.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

So when I finally make a new avatar it does not stay very long and I go back. Current avatar makes me feel dirty. It may be because of the background. Shiver just does not do backgrounds. When I see a background I think this.

User Image

...not cool. My avatar is now a jerk with this background!
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      For holidays and special events, usually. That's the only time I bother to change it to make it themed.
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I've changed it like six times today. I can't make anything I'm satisfied with, and I can't remember what I was wearing before.

Sometimes if I've been wearing something for a few weeks, if I change it, I think WHAT IF PEOPLE WON'T RECOGNIZE ME, and I realize no one would anyway. lol
Lol what about used eyes? Will they show memories from the previous owner? lol

I like to change avi often, but I tend to use the same color scheme over and over again. xd
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I used to change everyday but these days I put more effort into makin' an avatar I REALLY like so I can keep it for a couple days.

I'm lovin' my current. It amuses me. Gonna keep it for a while. Yup~ emotion_bigheart

and I always wash my Marketplace purchases before I wear them. : )
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I buy used clothes in real life all the time and am not weirded out... but I probably wouldn't buy used underwear...

How often I change depends on if I'm inspired to do something new. Sometimes I keep an avatar for only a few hours, sometimes I keep it for a week or more.
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I just recently changed my avatar. I typically have a generally steady avatar that I use and I don't ever really change her much, but I am actually enjoying this new look and it feels refreshing. I never really thought about the fact that I am wearing used clothing, but now that you mention it..... Hmmm, I wonder what poses the previous owners used for their avatars. That would actually be interesting to know.
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I pretty much never change my avatar. I've had this one for longer than I can remember. Besides doing a minor tweak here and there when I find items that suit it better. lol
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          I like to change as often as possible, hate to feel that icky used clothes feel for too long...
          But really, I get antsy if I don't change for a few days. Sometimes I'm in a creative rut so I'll just change around my saved outfits. The longest I went was through the duration of the recent Rejected Olympics and that was because I was wearing a Modus that was still evolving.
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i usually change when im not satisfied with my avi or when new items come out that i want to try on. I think im getting better with the self control bit if i manage to go by a week or two without changing my avi
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I change my avatar on a rather frequent basis
I'm not sure about that refreshing feeling though
I guess sometimes it's nice to change after being in something a few days
I'm a fickle gal though, so outfits don't stay long; a day or so
and most of what gets recycled and worn again is cosplay

I made a good companion avi that I kept for most of the week
now I'm cosplaying, and I'll be back to being a tengu again
after I'm down from my Lucky Dog 1 high
then one day the pattern will repeat itself

Most of my stuff was bought secondhand
I guess I just don't really notice
or care for that matter xD
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Unicorn magic purifies everything so I don't have to worry o u o
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I just go between suits, outfits, and worry more about organizing my inventory than how sanitary my outfits are. I like to think that they come off and go through a nice, gentle rinse cycle every time I log off and come out fresh for use when I log back on. That and I just post in the Heaven Forum and it seems to make the dirty feeling disappear. That said, if something looks like it would work for my avatars, I'll buy it no matter how cheap or dirty it is, Heaven Forum will take care of that stuff.

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