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Thanks so much for posting. (:
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I only really like the Kaden style, though I wouldn't mind picking up an Adrian if the price drops more. I don't know, I really don't like these female styles where they're so damn bottom heavy and cover up your arms so much. It's just not my thing. Also, why oh why can't the "dark brown" in these hairstyles actually be dark. Like, if a Hershey's milk chocolate bar can be darker chocolate than you then you aren't dark brown. Period.
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gaia_angelleft gaia_crown gaia_angelright

and i'm really happy because i have a
lot of spare gold just sitting around. o u o

* - * the only bad thing is one of the sets
i want is that nice, straight long one and
it is expensive as heck. q _ q /dies

but oh well~!! it's gorgeous! and i love the
two of the male sets. * - * <33
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Anyone who buys this right now is an idiot. The price is going to drop like crazy in the coming days. It's hugely popular as you can see how many hairstyles are in the mark place already and it has no date of exit for the cash shop.

They would be crazy if they took this item out of the shops early.
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        Adrian, Kaden, Edgar and Bambi. emotion_drool
        Not a huge fan of the uberlong hairs. Nor am I a fan of their prices. lol
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Wow this is a really cool mini RIG! surprised

I really want the whole Adrian set!!! emotion_drool I really hope they go down in price. *crosses fingers*

I also like the Madelyne hairs, however I don't see myself using them often so I'll have to pass on them.

Thank you for the list! 3nodding
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wow gold prices are so high on this stuff. I'd like a dark edgar hair eventually, I can see the price becoming reasonable eventually...I hope lol. I like dark madelyn hair too, but it will never be in my price range xp
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I finally decided to stop buying gc but i still haven't abandoned on getting that dark camille hair, so i just went "what the heck" and bought off a splitting hair off the market for 8.5mil. I didn't really expect anything good because my luck always sucked. So i just went all "f dis s**t" and opened, cause hey maybe i can get something else to sell and fund my quest. And then




i feel like something/one is watching over me like holy crap. i feel better after making my resolve of stop buying gc and now this. i feel so happy.
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Really wish I could get the Camille hair, but freaking.. seriously, the gold price of Dark Camille went up by a lot.. it doesn't look like it's going to become reasonable.
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        Not even going to bother looking at the prices since I wouldn't use most of these hairs, but I'll keep an eye on the Kaden styles.
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Wow, Camille and Madelyne are so expensive. I don't think I'll be able to get even one of the shades. Well, at least Kaden and Edgar can be obtained. Especially Kaden's.
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Thanks so much for posting this! I'm dying to get my hands on a dark Camille hair now though. >-<
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Keep the hair coming xD just wish they updated their hair section in gold shops too! I haven't changed my hair since looong time.

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I'm willing to try my luck but I'm not very sure of the chances the dark madelyne hair or cool madelyne hair would drop. emotion_8c
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Keith Ballard
Thanks so much for posting this! I'm dying to get my hands on a dark Camille hair now though. >-<

        Oh my god. Off topic but A+ for your username.
        I miss Bally. emo

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