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That bambi hair in all colors crying
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Gaaaaah I need all of those Adrian hairs but I keep missing on the low prices I'm gonna cry

Why is it whenever I'm gunning for new items I'm always on my slow a** ipad

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Sweet Strawberry

These hairs were done very pretty emotion_kirakira
Not too shiny, not too flat!
I particularly want to get the dark styles for Bambi, Kaden, and Madelyne heart
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Oh my god I love this hair. Seriously. This just took away any want and desire for Maisy.
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Kawaii Gaian

I like the warm colored Adrian Hair uvu
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Fashionable Browser

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I love Maydelyne
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Quality of the hairs is very nice!
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Oh my gosh gaia! I hate you!

And by hate I mean love.... Been wanting something like this forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What an ugly shade of green User Image
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Magic Glitch

the description on the cool camille hair made me laugh lol

ughhh I want the adrian hairs, all of them ewe
the bambi hairs too...

all of them are really nice UvU
I'm just not a fan of the camille style hair
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I wish I had the Bambi. Omg. D:
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They're nice but I don't see the point in having another RIG released a day after the regular RIG came out. This couldn't wait until next week?
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Feline Spirit

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it's a nice change of pace, from an onslaught of clothes with a poor clothes/wig ratio to nothing but hair. smile hair's my favorite part! although i wish Kaden's hair didn't have frikkin black sideburns with a blonde wig. what the hell man!
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Shirtless Streaker

Bana Banana
They're nice but I don't see the point in having another RIG released a day after the regular RIG came out. This couldn't wait until next week?

Yeah, I agree that waiting would have been better! People just spent so much on rigs. Give them a bit of time to get back their money.
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Deadly Cultist

They're a little bulky...

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