Why am I getting pop-up offers for discounted Gaia items?
We've recently introduced a new offer system on Gaia that allows us to send special offers (via pop-up message) to a variety of Gaians!

Why are you doing this?
Offers like these are actually common online - many sites use this promotional technique to help ensure that people who might be interested in a product have a chance to nab that item at a great price!

How come my friend got one offer and I got another offer?

Different people might want different things, so offering a variety of promotions to multiple people is the best way of reaching you on a more personalized level. Offers will be varied, so you never know what you might have the chance to get.

Is clicking the button in the pop-up offer safe?
Yes, it is safe! In fact, clicking the offer button should only redirect you to the Cash Shop so you can buy the item at the promotional price offered. This offer pop-up will NOT redirect you off-site, nor will you be asked for your Gaia password. Any pop-up asking for password is a phishing attempt and should be reported. Always remember - never give away your password to anyone!

Can you show me an example of what of these offers looks like?
Sure can! The image below is an example of what one of these promotional offers look like:

User Image

*Note: This offer does not apply to you unless you received this specific popup!