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I usually spend cash on RIG bundles and then sell the items I get so I have enough gold untill the next RIG comes out.
How many bundles depends on how much cash I'm comfortable spending that month.

That said, I have no problem selling half my invo for that special item if needed to :]
Well, if an expensive item is released and I end up liking it, I think about whether I actually need the item. I've had instances where I thought an item would be perfect to have in my inventory only to realize that I can't work with it.
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I wait for the prices to drop especially with RIG items. As for EIs/REIs and MCs I usually buy them using GC because I'm too lazy (and very busy) to earn gold.

I don't sell my items. I keep everything I get including junk.

When there are too many items I usually consider two things. One is if it's a RIG item or others. Second, number of poses. Even if there are many poses but I only like one, I wouldn't purchase the item.
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i will probably exchanging like M.A.D or sell my spares or resort to Gcash depending on my circumstance xD
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I've had the luck to be sitting on a lot of gold when some of my favorite items came out recently. True, I had to liquidate a lot of things I wasn't really using, but I've gotten hold of Lalune and the Renard doll because I've done that.

I'm sitting on a few hoards, so when I find something I really like, I'll just sell off some of the hoard. I play zomg a lot as well, so that helps to add funds.

I tend to wait out most RIG items until they reach a somewhat stable price. Some things, though, I just can't help myself. =3=
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This happens to me all the time. It's frustrating.

Usually I just go and do some cash offers, then use it to buy RIGs then sell them in the MP (I have terrible luck with those things, so I rarely play them myself nowadays).
Sometimes if I'm too impatient I'll buy a bundle of RIGs with my own money then sell that, but I'm trying to do that less often.
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sell items, maybe buy some gc, and complain

I don't like putting a lot of work into gaia since its supposed to be fun. I don't find vending or playing boring games or using broken systems fun dramallama
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I usually save up the free GC and buy a rig and sell it to get my gold, unfortunately I can't buy any of the items I really want right now. I'm in love with over half the items from Impractical Gala, this was totally my type of Rig, but I'm trying to make ten Candy Mountains for a Glacemella, eleven if you count the one needed for Minthamella. So I swore that I wouldn't buy any Rig or Bundle items or even GS items until I had my Glacemella. It's so hard!

I broke and bought the Reve Marin but that was because I knew the price would shoot up the minute the bundle left the cash shop and I wouldn't have finished my Glacemella Quest by then. I've even made a Quest thread to try and keep myself positive about the Glacemella.
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I have had to convince myself that I'll eventually gain the item I'm questing for, unless it's just ridiculously high in price (1 billion in the MP which makes me think: really?). Or ignore it though it's on my wish list. If I get truly tired of questing it and know that the price will never go down enough I shrug and delete it off my wishlist because it's just a nagging reminder that there is something out there I can't get no matter what/it'd take far too much time to get.

Other than that I do sell off things I don't want anymore or haven't equipped in months-a year or so unless they are special items I couldn't part with. Though in my case the items I don't want to part with wouldn't be worth parting with for the MP price is really low.
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This stops at 'gaia releases and item you really like...'

because this happens so rarely that I'm able to save up GC for the seldom happen chance that i do like an item.
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I try to keep up my gold amount by being as patient as possible. I never buy anything the day or even week after it is released. I wait for it to deflate as long as I can hold out and then buy it. It also gives me time to think if I really want the item or not and maybe test it out with the invo search first.

Also I frequently get rid of things worth >50k that I don't use a lot (often items worth less than that are a pain to get rid of and not worth the effort of listing and relisting). I've found that moving my gold into items I'll use instead of having lots of junk is really great. My inventory has thinned quite a bit, but what I do have I find to be much more versatile than before.

Started vending a bit again, but honestly I find it really boring and can't keep it up for too much time. Also the vend is wayyy slower in general and I don't like refreshing 5 times and only 2 items are listed in that time period.

Never resorted to buying gaia cash though I did do the video offers when my comp wasn't a complete junker.
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I zOMG for fast gold. Vend some 100k-500k items for fast gold. Hoard bigger ticket items and wait for those to inflate.

I do GC offers when I can. Once I get regular income and sort out my real life, I'll probably spend actual money here, idgaf.

For items I'm questing, I just wait for it to deflate. If I overpay for something I'm not really happy with the item. I waited a whole month for the Azrael horns to deflate from 2mil to 1.2. xD And it was worth it. =P

Also, I have a general rule that I don't buy anything unless I've tektek'd an outfit with it. It's just the way I work~
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As has been going on lately with my struggle for the SDPlus 777 doll, I scrimp and save, sell off inventory, go muck about in zOMG for extra gold. I can't seem to get GCash offers working for me (or don't want to give surveys things like my phone number or address) and haven't been able to afford to purchase GCash in ages, so I don't have the quick option of buying RIGs and selling them off.

Now I'm haunting the Exchange whilst waiting for more of my stuff in the MP to sell off and looking at what else I'm willing to let go right now.
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Well, if an expensive item is released and I end up liking it, I think about whether I actually need the item. I've had instances where I thought an item would be perfect to have in my inventory only to realize that I can't work with it.

That's definitely something I should start doing--making avatars with the item before buying it. The danger with that, though, is that it sometimes happens the other way around. I'll be tekteking in order to use a certain item and discover that I can't make that item work without using another item as well and I end up making a chain of items that get stuck on my wishlist.
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I hate it u 3u I also find myself in this possition and I hate selling my things uo u a dear friend gave me a super nice deal on my Lovely Lucie though, and while I love the Valkyrian Dragoon of Lalune I have to sell it to get my Lovely Lucie back u 3u I just wish I could keep it, since I'm in college now I can't really do the things I used to do to make gold, I don't have as much time DX even though I spend way too much time here after/while studying...

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