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I'm not really scared of other forums cause I've never gone to them before. I practically live in CB. I didn't know that others find the place weird. I just like the fun there and it's not too serious.. 3nodding And this is actually my first time posting here in GCD. smile
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Dangerous Lunatic

really only frequent the GCD and the uhh series/misc RP

idk though it kinda inspires me to branch out a lil maybe check out the CB and see what its all abot 3nodding
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I hate posting in the Exchange. It's like a pack of Hyena's found some kill, and the Wanted forums is the complete opposite. If gaia had sound there would be crickets. Pricing and suggestions is another thread im never going in again. People lowball the hell out of you, if your arts not perfect.

But i feel most at home in the Mini Shops/Art Shops/Art Freebies, and i love to look through the CB for some laughs, i guess random, off topic things just crack me up. I like to go through the GCD to find out whats new with items, or to see the updates with Winter's item threads. And when there's a CI i check out what the items. Makes finding the new stuff easier. I can also withstand the AT. I love looking at beautiful avis people have worked on. Both AT and Art shops give me inspriration for my own art and avis. I just hate it when people give you bad rate just because your avi isn't matching/cluttered/ or has a theme.
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I never saw the point of GD or the CB. They're just... a whole lot of nothing.

ED is a similarly pointless pile of dross, except that its users are apparently trying (often much, much too hard-) to pretend that it's OMG!SOMETHING instead of just accepting its nothingness and embracing it the way the CB and GD do. I'll read all three once in awhile just to see what people are up to, but I almost never post in any of the threads I read.

Similarly, I lurk in the AT and the Exchange. They're sometimes interesting reads for one reason or another, but damned do I dislike some of the "regulars" and the way they do things. I don't think I've ever had the inclination to post in either place.

So, that leaves the GCD, SF and Heaven... The only forums I actually post in. I've been in the GCD for quite awhile, so it seems the most comfortable to me. SF has become a rage pit no matter what side of an issue you're on, so I'm beginning to lurk more than I participate there, and Heaven? Heaven is just slow, and honestly no more interesting than the CB. It's just missing the drive-by porn and troll contingent.
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I like Barton Town - Barton OOC.
Yup, I'm a nerd, but I love them there.
Some of them are jerks, but I've met some great people there.
I also like it right here, too.
Though I don't post much - I like to read the comments and discussions on here.
The GD and ED terrify me.
The CB is too fast-paced, so it ends up being load of nothing. I never really bothered with the interest-focused forums (ie: music forum).
I used to love the Roleplaying forums years ago. Even after all these years, those casual restaurant-style threads still sound like a nice place to go to, I met a lot of cool people there.
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        i like coming to the GCD but i never post because i feel like i don't have anything of value to contribute.
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CB and GD.
Just can't.. deal.
It's too full-on.

It's why I hang out in SF and GCD. Sometimes FC

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