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Barking Shoujo

GD is just full of lame and sentimental people, it's really horrible inside. lol
My home is actually CB, I pretty much enjoy when I drift inside, the people are not as horrible as GD.
Oh, and also Mini Shops used to be my home when it was crowded and the shop I worked still opened.
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Friendly Explorer

I haven't been to a lot of forums regularly, but...
I did hear bad reputation of GD and clearly saw what CB was like when I opened some friends' CB topics from My Gaia. Facepalm-like, but sometimes funny too I guess. xp
I have three places which I really like: GCD, AF (Art Freebies) and Gaia International. People are mostly peaceful and nice there as I've experienced, although I visit GCD the most often recently out of these three.
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I only do exchange when i need a item badly of course haggling for them (I'm a cheapskate at times). I really don't have a home forum i only lurk like the wind and post when i want to.
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Rampaging Knight

The GD.... everytime I glance at it anymore, I feel a few tears melting off my life.
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Sweet Glitch

____I don't find the forums intimidating at all.

The ones I like best are the GD and GCD though~
same here, but there's only one forum i avoid though; and that's the ED. ugh emotion_puke
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Wheezing Vegetarian

I use to love the GD. It was my home before the GCD got it's own main forum. After that, there was a bit of a strong switch in the types of users in the GD, so I migrated to the GCD and stayed there for years.

I'm not a huge fan of the AT anymore. It use to be really useful for avatar rates but now it's filled wiht "OMG SO CUTE 10/10 heart heart heart " And those types of rates are just not useful. All the strict regulars seem to have left or are staying in specific threads or something.

I've never been a fan of the CB. I've never *disliked* it, but I've never thought "You know what, this is a place I'd like to post in."
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Profile Discussion - This use to be my home many years ago. Now it's not the same anymore. I silently cry everytime I pop in. I loved helping people with their profile questions, but I stopped because I was getting shot down by people thinking they were god at web designing. All the rate my profiles all look the same, it's like all the creativity disappeared when the regulars all left Gaia. I slowly stopped going there. Once in a while a take a peek to see what is going on.

Music Forum: I actually enjoyed the Electronic forum there. Found many good EDM artists, and they seem helpful when you are looking for something specific. Metal forum on the other hand *cringe* I avoid that place like a plague. If you post any metal group that isn't black or death metal, be prepared to get burned at the stake.

Feedback Forum: I use to love poking around there. Now it's filled with endless threads of peole bitching about Gaia's turn of events. I am scared to post there to be lynched by them cause I still buy GC.

I mostly hang out in Minishops, Toys & Collectable Forums, and occasional GCD.
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Scary or intimidating? Just CB. Annoying well...

Charity/Quest forum for me - you have people making these huge lists of items they want, but yet they never update them. I dropped 3mil on an item for a person because I wanted to donate to them. And I'm not going to lie I like to go to back to the forum/topic to see they're "face" AKA how they will react and yet this person was like 'lol I forgot to update the list I got three of these already'.

Right there I decided never again. Sure, I shouldn't have dropped that much but I like seeing people happy. I used to anon donate all the time (still do) but at least update the lists people! If people are nice enough to donate to you, or heaven forbid, buy something off your wishlist at least update the list please!

And CB is...well scary ain't even the word.
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Lonely Gaian

The ED Forums are a very very terrifying place..
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Kawaii Shoujo

i'm not very scared of them, but i have absolutely no patience for ed/gd/cb and the nonsense that goes down in them.

i spend most of my time lurking sf and gcd and occasionally posting in booc :i
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I went into the AT once and got torn apart for not matching perfectly. Not only do I have issues telling colours apart. I wasnt even trying to match!

Best part? It wasn't even my freaking thread. >:I

I never went back.

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Friendly Friend

I can't deal wih the CB or the ED. The CB is very random and at times it seems like it is full of idiots. Things get pretty serious in the ED...I can't really keep up.

Ironically, I love SF. I like seeing different ways users go about explaining a problem. It is funny. I like the roleplaying forums and I also like the GCD.
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Ruthless Raider

I stick to lurking around the GCD, it what I refer to as home. ninja
Once in awhile I will make a post in SF, the News forum, AT and sometimes the Exchange though.
Places you'll never find me: Chatterbox, GD for sure and just about all the others lol
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Wait... there are forums besides GCD....? >.>

Okay, I know there are, but I tend to avoid them. AT probably scares me the most.... though I haven't been in there in yeeeeeeeeeears. It'd probably scare me a lot less if I went there now.

I don't go into SF as much as I used to anymore either because of the all the cash!wank. Not scary, but annoyingly redundant.

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