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I find the GD a very creepy place.

I like the GCD and Heaven. It's nice. :3
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I don't know what the world is like outside the GCD.
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Hmmm, I wouldn't say any forums are scary, but there are a few that I wouldn't want to post in.

I wouldn't want to post in the GD and LD, which really seem to be the same thing to me. There must be differences between them but I haven't spent enough time in either. I also don't want to post in the exchange, because I have no golds. I used to want to post in the ED a few years ago, but it somehow seems a lot worse now, so I wouldn't want to post there either.

As for home forums, I like the GCD, although I barely seem to post anything in here any more. I also spend quite a bit of time in the Lolita Fashion sub-forum, but again I hardly post, although that is more due to it being a slow moving forum. I also like posting in Heaven.
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I mainly stick with the GCD and my quest thread. Sometimes I lurk feedback. I'll randomly post in the chatterbox sometimes.
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Any forum that tends to shun newcomers or those unlike the bulk of the people there are ones I prefer not to go in.

One of the nicest and best forums on Gaia is the Word games and Other forum.

I also quite like the helpful folks over at questions and assistance. Those two are my favourites.

Site Feedback is a forum I don't enjoy anymore. It's not scary. I don't get scared by opinionated people. I just dislike aggression. It's a negative energy I try to steer clear of ^^ Extended Discussion is another I avoid. Seemed like a bunch of people who already knew they were right and just wanted to tell others to agree with them, rather than those who wanted to discuss to expand their own knowledge. I could be wrong. I didn't spend long enough time there.
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general discussion- i don't go there.
chatter box and gcd are my happy places.
occasionally i'll lurk in lcd but not often.
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    I do pretty badly in the Exchange. I post an item that was one price a few hours ago, later I get a lecture about my price being too high because the market price on the item I'm selling dropped. Eh.

    OP, what keeps you in the VG forum? Love me some video games, but it doesn't seem active, part from some select threads.
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The GD is actually pretty boring and tame these days.

Lifestyle Discussion is that one that makes me shudder, I really don't want to know how you're a feeder "otherkin".
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    I do pretty badly in the Exchange. I post an item that was one price a few hours ago, later I get a lecture about my price being too high because the market price on the item I'm selling dropped. Eh.

    OP, what keeps you in the VG forum? Love me some video games, but it doesn't seem active, part from some select threads.

It does have it dry spell that when I'm over here, but there are a few regulars that are fun to interact with and sometimes there are really hilarious troll threads that never get removed because mods are invisible there.
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GD is the only one that makes me uncomfortable at times. CB is quite funny, interesting and fast paced. I like GCD to keep up with all the things taking place on Gaia. Even though SF has been a very unhappy place lately, I still like to frequent it often, converse with users who share my opinions on Gaia's current state and whatnot. I used to love The Exchange because I could always find a great deal on items & haggle. I enjoy haggling. But since everything has been inflated terribly, I can't expect a great deal in the exchange anymore. I still visit sometimes, and find users selling for non-inflated prices, for example I picked up a Light Magic for 250k the other day. I also visit the zOMG and Art forums sometimes. Both enjoyable. biggrin
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The places i post most are the GCD, CB and AT.

The ones i avoid are the GD and ED.
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Urgh, the exchange doesn't seem fun at all. I tried out the politics forum once maaaany years ago (is it still a thing?). Never again. Never. On any site. Never.

I only use the chatterbox for making record-keeping threads. I've never actually tried to hold a conversation there. I'm not a memes-using/internet subculture person sweatdrop

I lurk a lot in the GCD. It's the closest thing I have to a forum home right now. I used to post mainly in the promotions subforum, because that's where you had to post comics before they got their own forum 3nodding There were tons of nice people there then. No idea if that's still the case.

Weirdly, I never post in the art shop forum aside from my own thread >>; I'm sure it's a nice forum, though. Everyone who's contacted me there has been lovely.
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My home would be Exchange.
//I guess you just have be good at vending to like it there.

Close second would be GCD.
I only just started to really post and make threads here the last maybe 2 months.
Before that I was scared of this place.
The people here.....used to scare me.

GD..............................................................................my friend used to go there......
Asked me to post in her thread.
went out of her thread...and I still regret it to this day....and that was like 3 years ago.
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I started out as a GCDer. I liked being with people who were discussing the (insane) Gaian plot and new items coming out.

From there I became a WGer and I probably consider myself a WGer most of all.

And within the last two years I have also become an ATer. I have a thick skin and I like challenging myself so I join a lot of AT avi challenges.

I sometimes surf the SF, Heaven or the CB. I avoid the GD at all costs.
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____I don't find the forums intimidating at all.

The ones I like best are the GD and GCD though~

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