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              I like it here; Though sometimes I personally find the GCD quite intimidating
              though I'm usually in the CB
              the CB isn't as bad as everyone here is making it out to be
              I've never been in the GD so I dunno what it's like or why everyone's grouping it with CB
              I also think Avatar Talk can be pretty scary
              They're like really rude there
              The exchange is horrible, and full of hypocrites
              I don't know how people can deal with most of the people there
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I'm mostly a lurker with an occasional post or two. (Like this whee )

But forums I frequent are Heaven but like others said is slow moving, site feedback but it's all repeat negativity lately that I've become less inclined to go and check it out. So lately I've found myself in the charity forum in gifting threads. Most recently I've found myself here, but this has to be my first post here!

I usually steer clear of the CB, GD and ED.
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I love it here and in the VGD.

I used to love the CB years ago. Bahh, whatever to that place now though it's a s**t hole. It's always been one but at some point in time it was one I enjoyed wallowing in.

GD scares the s**t out of me.

I don't mind the exchange at all, but that's because I have to use it to make enough gold for things sometimes. I try to stay polite though because it's what makes you a deal.

Art forums all scare me I always get denied art and people hate what I do. They can be rather aggressive about everything, as well.

AT is full of meanie butt poopy heads and the forums where you ask people to tektek you never make tekteks on the level of their samples. I don't mean to sound mean when I say that emotion_facepalm .

I used to love the Clan forums and Guilds... that was years ago. Now they all seem dead.

I've never really looked in any of the others.
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Not too crazy about AT. I went in there once asking for an item suggestion and ended up getting a response that completely ripped apart my avatar and gave me an extremely vague answer to my question.
Don't really have a forum I'd call home (Considering I mostly just lurk) but I do find myself lurking in the GCD more often than other forums.
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I avoid the ED forum. It's pretty intense, and not in a good way. People there are in general pretty smart, but not all that nice.
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I like to lurk in the Exchange instead of posting much because it just turns out better for me that way.
Some people are more calm and kind if you talk to them in private verses in public where all can see. burning_eyes
But it can still be pretty scary~ *flails* redface Sometimes I'm scared of all the forums, people in general! xd
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Fanatical Senshi

I stick to Heaven mostly. It's slow, but I really enjoy the atmosphere. I'm also in the event forums quite a bit, and I post here in the GCD occasionally.
I used to frequent CB, and I still go there occasionally, but I haven't been there in a while.
I did have a short stint in the RP forums but good lord, what they want to do and what I want to do are so damn different it's ridiculous.
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I used to inhabit the gd around 0'4-0'7 but when they divided into the ld and whatever was left gd
I left that cesspool lol
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I tried the GD once back in '07...Saw three racist threads and nope'ed on out of there.

I'm afraid of the CB mostly because of how fast it goes and being attacked by the wave of stupid called the "regs".
The Exchange isn't so bad if you know what you're doing. However I did run into someone rather rude when I quoted them with a price lower than the LMP and ABP but still demanded I give them practically 50% off on the item...
AT is nice in all my experiences. Even back when I was poor and didn't own too many items. As long as you have a good sense of style, you're in the clear.

However, when it comes down to it all... The GCD is my home. I like the discussions even though they have been repeat-ish. The people here are generally nice and accepting. I love you guys. emotion_bigheart
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GCD used to intimidate me.
and GD sometimes.

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Believe it or not, the Exchange used to be a pretty fun forum. ;~;
That was back in 04/05, though. After that, I mosied along...

I tend to stay in the GCD, and occasionally will go into the AT, and eeeevery great once in a while I'll go towards the "In the News", but that seems to make me depressed. emo
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The Pokemon forums/gaming forum used to be where I hung around.
Although the gaming suddenly turned bitter and having an opinion was wrong.
The Pokemon forums was moved due to a petition, and it got really boring after that. Glad it's back in the hot topics though.

I normally don't venture out of the AT. When I first started posting there, I was a little scared to share my thoughts. I used to think it was filled with elitist pricks, but then I got to know the ATers, and 9/10 of them are extremely nice.
I do sometimes lurk and post the GCD, and I'm actually still afraid to post here. I don't know why though.

I have tried posting in other places, like the WG, but I stopped because it got boring, I sorta got a sense of snobbery there. (The again, there is a bit of snobbery everywhere).
The CB and the GC are like a sea of piss. I tend to stay away from there.
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Shirtless Cat

I hate the Exchange. mad most of the people there are so greedy, it's ridiculous.
GCD can be a little bit intimidating at times, but I love this forum for catching up on stuff. I do think we get a little crazy with the item lists though.
My favorite forum is probably the CB. Like garterbelts said, it's really not that bad as people are making it out to be. People in the CB are a lot more charitable then the people in the Charity/Quests forum, I've found.
I used to go in the Art Freebies forum a lot, but lately it's just filled with people asking for art, and no one drawing. sad I got so much free art back then.
I also used to hang out in the Word Games and Others forum, but I haven't been in there for some time. It was really fun and a good way to pass time!
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I love the Exchange. Its my favorite forum.
I guess the ones I tend to avoid is music and the GD.
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I used to visit quite a few of the forums back in the day, and I would post here and there, but these days, not so much. The GD was fun for a laugh, but there are just... way too many terrible people there. I had to stop going because I couldn't stomach it any more.

GCD is good for drama but some interesting threads too. A lot of the people here seem somewhat sane, and that's always a good thing.

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