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Went into CB one time, never again. I hate CB with a passion because it's just a mire of what I don't know. It just scares me.

I mostly stay in SF, GCD, and AT. Though I mostly lurk in SF now and have just been beginning to post in there because it's been nothing but negativity.
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Shy Gaian

I've been in Game Item EX and that didn't seem too bad...
I don't think I'd do the item ex though, I'll stick to the MP.

I use to be a GD'er, but everyone gets banned so fast and different usernames... I don't know who is who anymore. Not that it's scary, but... I just don't like it.

I don't venture outside of GCD, SF, LD, News, Pets, and now the fishing forum.

I wouldn't say other forums are scary, I would just rather be where I know people, and where people *hopefully* know me.

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The GD and The ED. I'll never visit them again...

The late night/morning CB isn't that bad IMO.
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The CB in one place I don't think I will ever get into. It's a very weird and fast moving place. I looked and the ED and just wasn't interested in any of the topics on the first page.

As for my home forum, I'm not sure if I have one that I can give that title too. I have always, and probably will always be a lurker and I'm also pretty new to forums in general. That being said, I spend most of my time in the GCD, SF and AT. How much time I spend in the GCD or SF depends on what the first page looks like for that day. Sometimes the level of complaining (about the exact same thing in several threads) is just too. damn. high. As for AT, I go there when I need a break from the GCD or SF. It cam be a little annoying there though when some tells you your avatar is too this or than when you're sitting there thinking that your avatar is quite possibly the best looking avatar on the page.
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Ice-Cold Firestarter

My home is the AT forum and I do enjoy the GCD quite a bit.
Even if some users can come off quite elitist at times I still enjoy the GCD.
The AT doesn't seem very scary to me at all, just don't expect to be given 10/10 if your avatar isn't up to others standards.

I'm not afraid of any forum, I haven't been in most of them anyway. The only forum I don't like is the GD as it makes me lose faith in humanity.
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Greedy Capitalist

I've always found the GCD pretty intimidating, people here can get pretty serious and unnecessarily mean sometimes.

I only find the exchange a scary place when selling, I tried selling in there years ago and it put me off. But I think the exchange can be really good if you're buying as long as you're not a jerk with your offer, I like to go there when I'm buying for keeps to get a few gold off the mp.

The GD and Chatterbox are places I find scary enough to avoid completely. I used to enjoy hanging in Chatterbox when I first joined, years ago, but now it's too intimidating.

I don't really have a home forum, I've never really felt completely at ease or comfortable in any forum. I do have a guild where I post with friends but they're friends I know in rl (before joining Gaia)
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I hang out in the GCD/SF, my skin couldn't be thicker XD;
It depends though, I mean I don't really feel I get intimidated anymore, when I was new to Gaia and new to the language?, yeah, I was, but now?, why should I? XD I just come to Gaia to talk to my friends and to burn time I should be spending studying XDDD I don't have much time to worry about how mean others can be, at the end of the day I just think of it as words on a screen C:
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♥ ♥
I don't really venture to any other forums aside from here, SF
and the Exchange. The latter mostly to laugh at how stupid
people are. There are some areas that are ******** scary as
s**t though.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Fuzzy Kitten

I don't have a forum that I frequent and post a lot in. I lurk the GCD a lot and occasionally post though,
Just recently I started to go to the Art discussion forum, I didn't see to many snobs sweatdrop Maybe i just came at the right time. I made a new friend there the other day though heart

I do own my own art shop but I dont think im a snob sad Atleast I hope I don't come off as one! gonk
I do not buy art from other people often so I rarely visit other shops, so I don't get to interact with others much,

The CB is freaking weird, I feel like its nothing but horny 14 year olds Lol. I will never post there.

All in all i'm a huge lurker, I've been on and off this site since '06 and I've just recently started to make more friends that I actually talk to on a regular basis.
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I avoid more forums than I frequent. My usual routine is swinging by the GCD, a couple guilds and threads before becoming bored again. Even the GCD has so many repeat threads or threads that are just people whining about sh*t that its losing my interest. Oh well it is what it is. At least its still the place to go for news of whats happening around the site.
Tried the Exchange once and never will again.
I don't really have a forum that I would call home, since all I do is lurk and occasionally post here and there.
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Merry Lunatic

Well, I kind of going here and there. A lurker in GCD that dropped a post or two then disappear. I like to offer my opinion and keep up to date on what's going on. and the drama :3 I like reading them. oh, and as long as I don't start a thread, usually I am pretty safe from mean comment.

used to go into Heaven, but it's so slow and quiet, so I left.

I have been to AT too, I learn how to dress up avatar there from their comment and now I don't go there much either. Since I don't think I want to be that serious dressing up now and I know that my avatar will draw a lot of change suggestion which I don't feel like doing anymore. so I only go there occasionally.

CB and GD freaked me out with their topic, well you know what I mean.

I have found home in charity forum lately. I chat a lot more inside there lately. A fun place to hang out for quick random chat. Then there's fishing game too, I use it to meet people and fish a bit.

Exchange/game item exchange... I like to get my item as cheap as possible and sell high. so it's not for me. MP for me all the way.

Barton town's nice. I rp a lot in there, though lately just sticking to one due to lack of free time. even if I am now more like hang out in one thread in there.

so for me, it's GCD, Barton town, charity and fishing game


IKR, about AT. That's why I don't come often now, since I am happy with my avatar as is.
I bet AT-er will tell me that the boot's the wrong color and other stuff. I don't want that kind of comment, so I don't go in there.
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Tiny Hero

Most forums intimidate me honestly. That's super easy to do.

A long, long time ago I used to post in the CB and just have random conversations with people. After that I was active in some art freebies threads and the people in them were hands down AMAZING and some of the nicest people I've ever met. Now I just lurk around forums, particularly the GCD, SF, and various art forums. I am trying to post a couple times a day at least in the areas I am lurking since it starts to feel weird after a while if you just lurk.

I actually think the place I feel the most comfortable posting are event forums. They are just sort of open and good-natured most of the time.
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Merry Lunatic

I forgot to add, I got "scammed" in exchange
well, I feel like that, because I sell item for cheap and the buyer resell it for double the price
never again!!! I won't go to sell in exchange now
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I love the CB tbh especially whenever I'm feeling down, I can always count on them to be sweet and cheer me up unlike some of the other forums I've been to which seem to be filled with snobby people

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