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Try out the Exchange today...I'm not cut out for it.

Have you went into a Forum(s) to only turn around and never return again?

Is there a Forum that just perfect for you and you can call it home?

For me VGD(Video Game Discussion) is my little place on Gaia, The GCD (Gaia Community discussion) is starting to grow on me bit by bit.
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The Exchange is pretty unsettling....and I think I went into the art critique area once and almost didn't make it out alive = u=;

I do like it here quite a bit, though. I like talking about Gaia happenings. It's been a little not-so-great lately though, what with all the constant complaining = u=;;;;;
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Yes, the GD.
Never again...
Heaven used to be my home but it moves so slowly now, it's not that much fun staring at the same topics all the time.
I've dabbled more into the CB and AT now.
Down sides are, I feel like I have to be perfectly dressed to even post in the AT because people will secretly judge me and the CB is... well it's the CB.
It's an acquired taste xD

Edit: Just remembered that a long long LONG time ago ('06-'09ish) I spent 99% of my time in the Clan forum because zOMG was the big thing and it became a clan/hangout thing for me.

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I used to feel that going into the AT was like entering the lion's den…but it's not so bad really. Mind you, I only go in the odd time, but if you're specific about what you're aiming for when you're getting rated, you can get some useful feedback.

To be honest the only "home forum" I have here is the GCD, although I do lurk in Heaven sometimes~
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no home forum for me i just drift around

forums i'll never go to

the GD should get its own website called vom.com
art shop people are annoying
music forum is full of snooty people as expected
extended discussion... even more snooty than music and full of people who use big words to pretend to be smart
sports... i don't like sports
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          I fear...

          AT cause people there are super scary snobs
          GD cause it's a cesspool of s**t [used to be cool a few years back...I loved it there :c]
          Exchange cause it's the Exchange
          ED because people get really heated and immature in there...it's like Tumblr but with avatars

          My days are spent in GCD and SF now. Sometimes in CB when I'm bored, or in Charity/Quests, one of the Hot Topic subs, or Lifestyle/LI.
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I mostly just don't go to some forums because of a lack of interest, sooo....meh? Forums never come across as scary to me, maybe weird, but not scary.
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Exchange- Scary/annoying/irritating/full of bs emotion_facepalm

I lurk and I don't have any home forums.
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          ...it's like Tumblr but with avatars

This is a perf description of ED omg.

ED used to be my home forum but after the Zurg Event I have been a GCDer all the way (which is kind of funny because the GCD used to scare me since elitism and prommie-ism was pretty awful in here before). Used to frequent the Exchange a lot too but I don't vend anymore. None of the forums really scare me anymore but the GD is just ew. emotion_donotwant
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i don't really find forums 'scary' --maybe a little intimidating or annoying cx

gd was fun like 5 years ago but i refuse to go in there now
art shops used to be fun but i got tired of the 'clique-y' feeling i got idk
ed gives me a migraine

i guess gcd/sf/at are my home right now, though i do lurk around other places
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Posting from Mobile - When I was younger, I was terrified of the ED. Everyone* had really long, well written posts with lots of citation and no spelling and grammatical errors. As a casual poster who was absolutely terrible at spelling and who didn't like stepping on other people's toes, it was basically my anti-home.

Yet, strangely enough, through a twist of fate, one of my long time Gaian homes was a hang out for M&R Prommies. In this thread, they were casual, silly, and very warm and welcoming. Even now, I miss the atmosphere that could be found there.

A lot of other forums I just end up never really connecting with. I could see how a lot of folks are intimidated by the Exchange. The release of the marketplace really changed the atmosphere and it has never been the same since.

*Prominent users.
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Haha the art forums scare me

Considering I have a friend who's been asking for art for months
She's currently got 100 million in funds and just made a brand new thread
(probably because she got sick of bumping a dead thread nobody was looking at)
and even now she's gotten naught even a nibble

It's discouraging to someone like me who has less gold on me to even think about asking

As for home forums, it's always the GCD
I try to frequent other forums like video games
but I always have trouble remembering to go back
however, it's so automatic to check on the GCD for me
I wouldn't call it scary, but the GD has never really sat well with me. I like to roam the forums from time to time, lately it's been the WG and mostly the CB where I do most of my posting. Especially the CB, just because the topics move a lot faster. I enjoy the GCD quite a bit and one I always check on at least once each log in.

The PP(Now the art critique) and WG was my home, but hiatus has changed it for me.
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For a while I was really afraid to post in AT, and every time I asked for a rate and suggestions, I never got very encouraging responses. But then I realized that the AT was known for that, and with how artistic I am I wanted to flourish in that forum more. So I caught on to the behaviors on there, and have grown close to those ATers who are just as creative as me, and find comfort with either color schemed avatars, textures, or just crazy characters in general. Now I love AT and I call it a home. I'm friends with quite a few people there, and people know my name. It's nice to know people recognize me there. heart

Exchange still intimidates me a bit. For one, I can't stand when people try and low-ball to the point where it's not worth the profit, or when you buy something but at least wanting to buy it for a bit lower then the MP price but they snap at you because they want it as close to the penny as possible. People keep bringing in MP prices regardless of what people say about the Exchange being different the the MP. If it's so different, then why bring in MP prices to begin with. Stick with the averages and go from them! Stop nit-picking and keep those transactions reasonable! scream

My other home is the Fashion and Style, because I post in the Goth thread from time to time (I'm friends with the main girl who post in that thread, so we chat there every once in a while.) Plus I love fashion in general. heart

Other than that I just lurk other threads. Lifestyle Discussion I post something every once in a while, though most of those topics are childish to me. Only a few threads out there in that forum I respect a little.

I lurk this forum a lot as well. Though I've gotten more familiar with it and it's regulars. I usually like to look at the hot gossip and suck up the drama with some of Gaia's events and GC drama. It amuses me sometimes. emotion_dowant But I also love the item updates and I flow the evolution threads to see how people utilize new item poses and stuff. Just more avatar talk really. I don't know whether this is a home for me or not. For now I'll call it my neighborhood because I am part of the community after all.
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Always had a soft spot for GCD. I love the drama and all that action! Mmm..hmm razz
With that said, I also frequent charity threads quite often to see if I can give back to the community but other than that..I don't go anywhere else.
Always found CB quite bazaar (makes me wonder why Gaia wants an 18+ when we have it in CB..LOL!)
GD is just...well no.

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