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Angelic or Nitemare?

Angelic! 0.25229357798165 25.2% [ 55 ]
Nitemare! 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 36 ]
Both! 0.58256880733945 58.3% [ 127 ]
Total Votes:[ 218 ]
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Rewdalf's avatar


Angelic or Nitemare winglets?

I chose both...
Surprised they were only 50k on the MP.
Hell, I haven't logged on in a year or two. Don't use my gold anyway.
Besides, now I don't have to choose.
Seeing as everyone only gets one, seems like they'd go up in price.

Fire 0ak's avatar

Buggy Mage

I chose the angelic one right away. I'm going to buy the nitemare set though too. I'm surprised so many people want to part iwth it honestly this is going to be a really valuable item in due time. 3nodding
KaylaGalela's avatar

Beloved Lover

User ImageI just avoid choosing through the magic of mules. ^^

But, I got the angelic version for my main. It's more anniversary-ish. or something.
Shiver`'s avatar

Frozen Sex Symbol

User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Both, thank you eGod for mules.
Got both for my main account, then with other mules I sold for 90-70k each. 1 I'm holding for a friend that was not able to log in today. And I still have a few left for hoarding. Yes, I banked today~

Note, I did pick the nitemare version first. Since I figured I would use that more. wink
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Cluttered Kitten

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User Image
I always go with angelic on Gaia. It fits Milk's personality the most, not to mention her pastel color scheme.
rokkenrou's avatar

Bloodthirsty Bunny

multiples of both lol
got the nitemare version on my main though
I'll probably use it more owo
Puckeroo's avatar

Invisible Vampire

Nightmare one
Yokies's avatar

Supreme Baby

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  • Campaign Manager 500
I picked the Nightmare one first.

But because of a mule, I was able to get both. 3nodding
Now if only I had like.. 10 other mules to bank on these things haha.
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Precious Nymph

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  • Invisibility 100
Angelic, although, i have an extra for nitemare and some to spare thanks to my mules. biggrin
Cress Sybellos's avatar

Nimble Explorer

Both because mules.
I picked angelic on this one, though.
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Moonlight Mage

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Nightmare on my main, angelic on my two mules.
hornworts's avatar

Eternal Gaian

Got onto my mule and was able to get both for free~
I picked Nitemare, because I love that style.

Gaia used to paint a real black and white/bad vs. good image with their original monthly items. It's a great touch and I guess certain people are drawn to a certain allignment.

Nitemare all the way, baby! We have demonic powers and such! pirate
Paranoid Doll's avatar

Shy Loverboy


both~ i think i chose nightmare first
though because i'm currently cosplaying as
my character from an rp who happens to be
satan's son. so. ahem. it fit~

i then went and logged onto all of my mules
that i've logged into within 6 months... ended
up with 12 sets, but i let one account keep it,
then gave another one to my friend so she could
have one of each... and because uneven num-
bers make me feel... awkward. i can't do it.
> __ <U

but i have a feel i'll be using the nightmare
set more... because of my colour OCD, i can't
use the angelic set because of the yellow halo..
the all black is much more versatile for me.

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Girl-Crazy Hellhound

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Chose demonic, bought angelic. Had to have both!

Don't have any mules anymore. Lost access to them during the 6month sleepytimes.

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