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Personally, I had a blast. Since there was no NPC involvement though, I was not logged in under this account. However, I was there. I enjoyed the more laid back atmosphere. It was nice to have an event where topics weren't flooded off as quickly as they were made. I had a nice RP sessions and enjoyed everyone's company. I will be looking forward to the next one.

I wish I had participated in the art contests, but maybe next year. I tend to just bum around the main forums of events though. xp

I didn't miss the lack of items for the sake of items, though I was a little sad that the tradition of items at the user run ball ended. I understand why it did, but I still feel a little sorry for the tradition. Of course that was out of your hands entirely. It's nice that the admins still made a forum for it! heart
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I, personally had a fun time during the sporadic moments I got to attend. (I was mostly either in the Pluto room, or the Gambino Thread). It was great to see a huge amount of people gathered together, yet not alot so that once we posted something, we'd have to read about 8 pages to catch up.

You all did a real awesome job with it! Thanks for the opportunity.
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I liked the ball! I mostly lurked too... I'm one of those people that doesn't know where the hell to go, and whose threads sunk to the bottom. D:

Although the non-spammy ness was so wonderful... it was almost worth not getting items. <3<3<3<3<3<3 ... I wouldn't have minded seeing NPCs pop up... just to say hi... but ah wells. They were there enough with the thousands of NPC message forgeries to make it feel as if they actually had come. xD!

Nice layout (planets WOO) and stuff! Didn't really take part in any of it, but I'm sure it was all great. xD!

Yay for you guys! <3
I think what was particularly interesting is how much Shazu trusted me. He made me emergency co-host a few hours after the ball started, when Dashren and Cid didn't show. Was I someone who could be trusted? Well, I don't know. I'll let you decide.

However, I REALLY like what I've seen of the staff. I asked the staff for help a few times, and all of you were extremely...helpful. When you guys had a task in front of you, you got it done. The ball turned out very nicely from what I could tell. Plus, all the staff members I talked to were pretty nice, and interesting people as a whole. 3nodding

Perhaps the best part was Amarroo and I "cross dressing" for the Jupiter and Venus mules. It was a lot of fun. My thanks to the staff. You did a fine job.

And more specific feedback will come later. After school. ninja
whee blaugh xd I really enjoyed the ball aswell, being one of the co-host of jupiter which turned out to be the most popular blaugh . my favorite part was also playing the roll of jupiter herself for most of the night ^^ and interacting with the other planet mules,over all I had a blast blaugh
I think it was very cool but only was er for a moment.

[Anual Ball said:]Welcome to the annual ball!

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