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i know this is greedy, but i liked items alot, it helped me enjoy the ball more, i also liked the storyline!

sorry i mean i liked the storyline in the other one rather than this one.
By the way..... it was a good thing that Gaia did not announce it......
It's certainly a great newbie filter, but advertising could have been done better. I'm just now finding out about it and it seems like it was a lot of fun... I'm sorry I missed it. xp
it was fun.
you guys gave out a lot of free stuff
it was fun.
you guys gave out a lot of free stuff

ah wait.. that was the other one...
I loved it! I was in Neptune...yeah it has the lowest posts than another planets but we in Neptune kinda like it so we could catch up what we were saying.
I had fun! It was nice meeting other people and some rping that they are dancing or playfully fighting.
I'm glad this time there is no spamming because of items and the pace was much quicker!
Thank you for such an awesome ball!!! 3nodding domokun heart
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ninja Jupiter had the best room.

smile As expected, I enjoyed it. It was cool to post around and get to know new people, as always.

That's the best feature about the balls, I think, all the forums get jumbled up and you get to interact with a lot of people who normally you don't see. 3nodding I saw some older friends I hadn't expected to either, which was awesome.
Oh wait..... I was in Uranus.......... HA HA... no no.... bad joke...

Anyways, Uranus friendship circle!!!!!!!


xd Hello!

I was in The Uranus Sticky. And I had an awesome time.
At first I was disapointed about the no-item policy, but in the end it didn't matter. I got to waste 10+ hours having a good time. Also, I thought it was nice, that there wasn't an overload of SPAM, though Uranus did have a bit of 1337 in it (But it was the Animal/1337 thread...).
Hi all,
As you know I was one of 10 hosts for this years ball, and I haven't really seen much feedback on it, so I was hoping to get some.

What did you think about the ball?
What are some things you'd like to see done differently next year?
Did you have fun?

Feedback means well thought out responses. Replies like "it suxd cuz der waz n0 itdams" is not feedback.

Oh, wow, someone who really wants to know. I wrote a personal page review of it.... But on paper when I was bored at the house. If you're interested, I'll hunt it down and get it to you. =)
I think what was particularly interesting is how much Shazu trusted me. He made me emergency co-host a few hours after the ball started, when Dashren and Cid didn't show. Was I someone who could be trusted? Well, I don't know. I'll let you decide.

However, I REALLY like what I've seen of the staff. I asked the staff for help a few times, and all of you were extremely...helpful. When you guys had a task in front of you, you got it done. The ball turned out very nicely from what I could tell. Plus, all the staff members I talked to were pretty nice, and interesting people as a whole. 3nodding

Perhaps the best part was Amarroo and I "cross dressing" for the Jupiter and Venus mules. It was a lot of fun. My thanks to the staff. You did a fine job.

And more specific feedback will come later. After school. ninja
I didn't get to go sadly. crying stressed

And I was looking forward to it all year! gonk gonk
Load of bollox xd heart
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page 3 domokun
It was kinda cheap
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It was kinda cheap
like how? Please explain your stance.

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