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Kawaii Senshi

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Yush, GCD, I make thread. redface

So, they want to mothball their much hyped baby, Zomg.

That started me thinking of several things this weekend that coalesced into an idea. People want to protest the demise of Zomg, But what can and will actually be done by users? For the cig ban every one was wearing tobacco and alcohol items. To protest Booty Grab nerfing, people changed their signatures and emptied their fish tank. The staff has said that not enough people play Zomg, and that it does not bring in money. Some Gaians have said that they will not buy Gaia Cash over the canceling of Zomg. But can enough of them actually hold out against the lure of the shiny to make a difference? The staff has listened to users in the past, more or less. The cig ban was soon overturned, and we have the ATA thread often. In fact, the last ATA thread was overrun with protest over the Zomg decision. Can we show the staff that people do care about Zomg? Are you going to do anything to protest the abandoning of Zomg? How much do you care about Zomg?

We have had mini user events in the GCD before, so I invite you to join me in showing your support of Zomg with wearing an outfit with Zomg loot items.
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Demonic Abomination

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Peeps have been wearing Pirate garb in support of Swarf.

Personally I am tired of all the zOMG! bullshit...for the past 3 years we've been fighting Gaia tooth and nail over this game, and really when it comes down to it Gaia gets to make the final decision. I'll continue to play at leisure if my friends are still online but other than that I'm tired of shouting when my voice will never be heard.

- - - - - -
Edit: I agree with Soubi-Chu below I'm not changing my avi for that tool. "Certainly not dress up as someone who called like, 3/4 of the populace who play the game a bunch of abusers. Uh yeah, you think I forgot that?"
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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

Hehe, I have no idea. I played this game for so many hours of my life. I supported it when
I knew it was hopeless. I made tons of friends from it. What will I do?

Certainly not halt my gaia cash spending because of it. Certainly not boycott the game,
because, hello, I am a greedy ******** and enjoy 160k per day. Idk how many times I have
to say that. Certainly not dress up as someone who called like, 3/4 of the populace
who play the game a bunch of abusers. Uh yeah, you think I forgot that?

As long as they continue to keep the servers up and make sure that they cycle them
properly then I really don't give any sort of s**t in regards to helping any sort of protest.
Unless the protest involves minimal effort on my part. Because I've stuck with the game
for a long time, and while I am not one of those people who contribute to the, imo,
boring aspects of gameplay/explaining s**t to new people/making guides/frequenting
that scary forum, I have done a lot to contribute to supporting this game.

After so many tries I tend to throw my hands up and give up. At this point I am just 'don't
******** with my gold and orb earning' since that is all that matters to me anymore.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
Chibi Halo's avatar

Time-traveling Senshi

          Honestly, my interest in the game waned years ago so I really don't have any interest in devoting all my time on Gaia to saving something I'm not certain can be saved. The Cig ban was completely different than this. Smoking items, outside of the few EIs they were found in, did not net them any income at all. Plus, at the time the user base was far larger so there was a greater impact. It wasn't simply, "We're not making any long term sustainable profits and we do not want to go back to having to pay back private investors and losing even more money in order to keep this going" but more or less, "I don't like smoking and I think having this on the site is like all the old television ads promoting cigarettes that give kids the impression it's perfectly okay to smoke." The Cig Ban was a decision based on personal opinion and not data collected over the course of several years. Yes I can understand people are upset but I don't see much, other than the community coming together, happening because of this. How does this affect the people in the Sports forum or the A/M/C like the Cig Ban did? Honestly, not many people outside of the GCD, SF, and the zOMG forums are going to do the things people are suggesting be done to protest this decision. And other than miscommunication and misinformation I'm not seeing much to protest because the issue is far larger than just zOMG.

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Kawaii Senshi

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I hope I didn't dress like the staff member who thought that 3/4 of the zomg players were abusing the game.
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Apocalyptic Slayer

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Chibi Halo
And other than miscommunication and misinformation I'm not seeing much to protest because the issue is far larger than just zOMG.
If the issue is larger than just zOMG!, how isn't there enough to protest?
Chibi Halo's avatar

Time-traveling Senshi

Pilfer von Durem
Chibi Halo
And other than miscommunication and misinformation I'm not seeing much to protest because the issue is far larger than just zOMG.
If the issue is larger than just zOMG!, how isn't there enough to protest?

          From a zOMG standpoint I'm not really seeing anything other than miscommunication and misinformation, which to be honest has been a long standing issue far longer than zOMG has been around on the site. Some people are just now acting like it's something new with the staff. You go into the Alchemy forum and they're dealing with it day in and day out. It's been mentioned in here and the SF off and on for nearly four years. You get people nearly whining that they're not being listened to when they claim they were "hacked" when they clicked the wrong thing and had their information keylogged away from them off and on. They practically beg the Q&A to tell them who the one person they can trust will tell them exactly what they want to hear so they can go to them and them alone.

          Some are acting like the issue simply is no staff member that can drop everything and do nothing but zOMG twenty-four seven or someone new they can bring in from the outside when the entire tech industry in San Jose is having a hell of a time trying to find new programmers and computer engineers to hire. It really just boils down to who was being told what and when and believing that certain things would actually happen when they were told it wasn't what was needed for the game. And honestly, I don't think if the zOMG forum is told what they want to hear it will help anything other than satisfy a handful of people. There are too many people who are under the impression Gaia stole their money when it didn't complete one of the expansions of the game and will still demand to get what they honestly might not ever get back.

Under The Darkness's avatar

Obsessive Lover

User Image

As much as it is bad to admit this, I'm going to do nothing. It isn't my battle to fight. This situation is not something that directly upsets me, so I don't have any motivation to do anything about it. On top of this I've never been a huge fan of zOMG and fighting for its return would be pointless if I am not to ever use it. If I were to do anything, it would just be as if I was protesting for the sake of protesting. Which, in all honesty, would make me look like an idiot. Not to mention the fate of zOMG is something I don't care about at all. The attitude of Gaia itself is of slight concern, but not enough to make me want to do anything about it. (Considering, you know, its not a new phenomenon. Gaia is never good with its word, and that's something I've learnt to accept.)
I know a lot won't be happy with my choice, but I shall say this: Just because you want to protest doesn't mean I have to. Its my choice to stay out of this, like it is yours to protest, and no amount of argument will change my mind. However, I do wish you the best of luck with getting the staff to listen.

User Image
JulieKablooie's avatar

Assimilated Survivor

Continue to not play it. lol

I guess I'm just not as excited about this issue as everyone else. Seems like most companies outright lie about stuff, and while it's not right, it's happened too many times to be passionate about it anymore.
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Tipsy Recalibrator

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

zOMG going under is not a big deal to me. I hardly played it, and I found the gold gain slow from it and just not worth my time. It's a shame for those of you who love it, but face it, in the end it's not your decision to make. There no use keeping a cash cow that doesn't make/bring in cash.
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Witty Genius

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It probably costs them almost the same amount of money they make from it, to keep the game running, and that NEVER goes over well with CEOs and investors so yeah, for the life of Gaia... if they want to get rid of it, I say farewell. People can think I'm selfish or whatever all they want, but zOMG has never seen the kind of success it was thought to get and when you compare it to relatively simple and easily made games like Booty Grab and Monster Galaxy, it doesn't have much of a future. In fact, I've been expecting them to finally put the nail in the coffin for over a year now.
Slick Southpaw's avatar

Flint Jakobs's Partner

Fluffy Faun

I played zOMG for silly fun, collecting alchemy components and such. I was never really invested in it like some people were.
Though if I got a bootsnake Buddy...*HINTHINTHINT*

Not going to do anything except be less inclined to purchase from the site using IRL money, which is not that different I've already done because nursing school textbooks and gas money take far more precedence over buying gCash.

Personally I'm more bothered by the miscommunication than what actually happened to zOMG. It looks extremely unprofessional and makes me wary about spending gCash.

Lazarus Larkin's avatar


I'm more annoyed at the lack of support for the site in favor of Facebook than I am about zOMG specifically. But seeing as how I haven't bought Cash in years (because TBH, my love for this site and its staff has plummeted since about 2008 or so), I'm not sure what else to do. I did take off all my Cash items and stop even doing the free offers, though.

I should probably put something in my sig explaining why.
The Drunken Jester's avatar

Tipsy Man-Lover

I'm.... gonna be honest, even though I generally like zOMG, I just don't like it enough.
I'd be just as happy with a towns-like Barton and Durem and etc....
It's really just another virtual-space to me. Granted I like it better than the others but....

I really feel like getting rid of zOMG just isn't going to effect me all that much.
I will do nothing. I couldn't ever actually get into the game so I don't really care if they stop working on it or not.

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