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Toby Vespa
Psssshhh... These arent vampires. talk2hand

Now this.... This is a vampire. 3nodding

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I hope Im wrong and when the event starts the teams are more even then one sided. I plan on having fun regardless. whee

Not this... this is a vampire... *swoons* Max Schreck can kink me up any time he wants. Too bad he died 51 years before my birth. *sigh*

*runs off with hand down knickers*
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Yes cuz we all know how noble and honorable the vampire race is. It only makes sense they would want to use vegan blood substitutes. Cuz u know there "good" vampires right? rolleyes
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Well you won't win with that attitude. rolleyes
(I joined the elves )
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Actually I think the sides are pretty well balanced. You're forgetting that there are just as many people who hate vampires with a passion as there are people who fangasm over them, regardless of if anyone follows the plot. One of my friends sided with the dark elves just because he hates vampires (because of overused cliche, mainstream, ect) and he does follow the plot.

Ultimately I don't think us gaians will have an actual impact on the plot, we haven't in a long time. So let people pick whatever side they want for whatever reason they want, its all in good fun after all.
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Your Blushing Paladin
Wow, immature much?

Not really. I've read the books (all of them) and have realized that there is something fundamentally wrong with Bella and Edward's relationship. It is based more on obsession and need than any mature feeling for one another. He compulsively feels it's necessary to protect her, and she feels it's her duty to allow him to save her over and over. He enables her sense of helplessness rather than give her the opportunity to learn to protect and look after herself. Essentially, he deepens her already needy attachment to him by turning himself into her savior.

As for the abusive part, well... He does kind of keep fighting the desire to kill her. He won't allow her to be alone. He stalks her. And his enabling ties her self esteem to his approval.

All in all, no literary text has any one interpretation. This is just mine.
Yup, I agree. Well on the Obsession part at lest.

The characters Bella and Edward have flaws without a doubt, and that's why I like the novel.

The characters have the potential to become Mary-sue like, which they don't. Well not until the very end at lest.

But I don't see a problem with a novel portraying this type of relationship. It's not trying to make a statement, just tell a story.
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I just picked a side I thought would have nice items xd
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Le Koj
Well you won't win with that attitude. rolleyes
(I joined the elves )

Your right im sorry! crying
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I hope we get some epic scarface type of elf who comes out with a tommy gun that shoots solar uv capsules and he screams out "SAY 'ELLO TO MAH LITTLE FRIEND!"
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I feel the same in a way. It's true that because of this vampire obsession, it's more likely that they'll win. Personally, I don't have a problem with people being fans of something, I'd say the blame would fall on gaia for chossing to involve vampires in the first place. But you also have to think, the vampires are consitered the good guys in this story, so many people will be choosing them over the elves just for that. But then again, think back to the Overseer's and Sentenal's fight. Either way, being a Dark Elf myself, there was really only one option available. x) And hey, the Dark Side always has cookies!
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Toby Vespa
Le Koj
Well you won't win with that attitude. rolleyes
(I joined the elves )

Your right im sorry! crying
I forgive you biggrin
We'll just have to knock 'em out of the park
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I honestly feel that drinking blood, which is probably needed for their survival and can be obtained from a willing donor or from animals that were slaughtered for consumption by the general populace, is a lot better then bombing a fancy clothes store and wanting to commit genocide.
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If we're gonna be honest, I'm an avid supporter of Louie. Who happens to be a vampire

Luca planned the very shop Louie help tends to blow up

YEAH NO I'm not joining the Dark Elves.

I don't think ALL Dark Elves are bad, as like I don't think ALL vampires are good. But yeah bringing harm to Louie is a big no no in my book.
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I'd rather side with the dark elves any day.
- Speaking out of character for Nightshade, I love both the Vamps and the Dark Elves dearly, but unfortunately it's always a popularity contest in these situations.
I am following the storyline (the art is prettyyyy) and normally I always vote for the underdog which seems to be the vampire in this case, but I also know Nightshade would side with those closest to her kin, and the elves are pretty well-aligned in that area. So, this is what mule accounts are for. Her lifemate Silence is siding with the vampires because he's actually a human, so alliances must be alliances.

Plus occultism. Occultism is always great.
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Sachie Whitby
I sided with the vampires out of species solidarity because my avatar is one. However if I was still on my old non-vampire account, I'd still side with the vampires because I don't like Don Kuro and am not okay with him blowing up Edmund's shop and not okay with him trying to kill off other NPCs. I don't condone or support criminal behavior, even if it is fictional criminal behavior with fictional criminals and fictional victims.

It's funny that people whine that elves are going to loose on the basis that vampires are popular and overrated when the elves and their supporters... [who clearly either don't follow plots or don't care about what should be considered illegal/criminal behavior]... blatantly outnumber the vampires and their supporters.

User ImageIs the GCD really so absentminded that it already forgot that the vampire skin has never been popular. It has been hated by this forum specifically for a long time now due to its numerous flaws -- bad layering with eye items [which got fixed], bad layering with mouth items, no eyes if using item skins, rampaging green goo, females look anorexic, others -- while other people just consider it ugly. How ugly? The few times that someone makes an ugly skin thread in this forum, the vampire skin always wins hands down.

I am hoping though that this event does mean that Gaia is going to introduce a new vampire skin.... maybe not to the same extent as Countess Ambrosia.... but something that fixes the flaws of the current skin plus gives users the option of actually having a skin complexion, you know like the NPCs.

Maybe there will be a hybrid vampire dark elf skin. When has Halloween ever NOT introduce a new skin in some fashion?

Oh god, a Hybrid skin could be beautiful. Maybe a half-vampire, half-elf baby will come into the mix somewhere.
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Kill all vampires

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