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Altair's Honor in Red.
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Light Magic in black and call it dark magic.
Horns of the Demon in purple or red.
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SDplus of me. For 10M. Everyone should have one, but not for perverted reasons.
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I agree with Laurel recolors. A variety of sparkles would be nice. And a pink or purple bubble pop Astra.
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I'd love a recolor of the Angelic Sash. Like red or pink.
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I don't have a particular item in mind, I just want to see some green recolors.

Edit: Changed my mind, I would love to see recolors of Rock Demon. I even made a thread about it a long time ago.
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" You know how long construction can take, right? "
On Gaia? Not that long, from a certain point of view :U


Top of my head, assuming it's limited to recolors:
Big White Beard
Lawn Gnome Hat
Barton Regulars armor set

Wicked Advisor
Djinn Baharat

All in as many colors as you can think of, including invisible pink. Or just sexy black.

Preferably cheap enough for me to afford. This means very very very very very cheap =.=
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I would really love a blue version of Custom Cut.

And also a red version of Stolen Sapphire. Pilfered Rubies mayhaps?
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I suppose your store is open to RIG pets? emotion_kirakira

Umm I would love Kintaro (who's red/white) in tan/white and black/white
Like the other popular colors of shibas!
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Recolor ALL THE THINGS in green!

Especially I would like to request big pretty dragon wings in green!
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n***a, I want some real badass s**t. Red and black stuff, white and black crap.
Red Devil Tails and HOTDS would be badass.
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B-because it's my favorite color, and there are not outfits/clothes that are "serious" orange on the site. Almost everything colored orange on this site is Halloween-themed or "silly". crying
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red anima adamantea
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I want some recolors of items like Nice Suit For Work but I would like to see original stuff.

Maybe new ... hats...
My request is simple.

  • Orange Lizardman
  • Yellow Lizardman
  • Purple Lizardman
  • Pink Lizardman

Please and thank you. emotion_c8

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