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Noble Paladin

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Can we have the Gonline Items Plz?
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Angelic Saint

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How about some Platinum Laurels? if that's even possible.
I'd love platinum laurels, with the sparkling in angelic blue like the platinum halo would make me a happy girl.
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Nimble Risk-Taker

I'd like another item or three similar to Masquerade.
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Salty Admirer

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I just know I would love to see a re-colored Angelic Sash heart A total item favorite of mine <33
Possibly in either pink / white / mint 3nodding
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Magnificent Moonbeam
How about some Platinum Laurels? if that's even possible.
I'd love platinum laurels, with the sparkling in angelic blue like the platinum halo would make me a happy girl.

Yeah, they would really nice together or Mythril Laurels.
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Generous Tycoon

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I would like a pink angelic pendant, different colors of the alchemy wings, or white version of the manslayer duke of lalune
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Cluttered Hoarder

White Horns of the demon!
Definitely recolours of the mini wings. Pink angel ones, purple devil ones to go with the purple D-Tail...

In terms of new stuff...well Gaian's always love body mods. Eyes, wigs, legs, hands, arms...Can't go wrong with those. Even recolours of already existing items with these is awesome. whee

        Yes, yes, yes! Needs more leg mods, or recolours of items with leg mods.
        Particularly ones that don't involve high-heels, for the men of Gaia. /cough
        Hand/arm mods are good too.
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Fluffy Girl

I think I would absolutely love to see a black version of the AFK hat.
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Indebted Student

Blue/White/Black/Brown recolor of Infernal Spirit / Death Whisper / Masquerade !!
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Unholy Regular

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  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Bookworm 100
More gold-colored items, please!
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Lonely Gaian

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After reading the thread a bit, I noticed someone talking about price ranges. While I think having a few items go for 5 mil+ is a great idea, especially for items that are under 10,000 total in the original numbers released, I do think that having other later recoloring of items that aren't as rare be lower priced is quite fair.

So, if <10,000 = 5 mil+ maybe 100,000<item<10,000 = 0.5 mil-ish?
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Vermillion Bard

Recolors of the Blessing items (mainly eyes).
And a Navy & White recolor of Ginga Acceleration
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Magical Librarian

You guys have a habit of making great looking wings, but only giving us one side of it. So Item suggestion: give us the other wing(s)!

Examples of items this would work for:
Hermes' Moon
Mercury's Moon
Sister of Sin
Brother of Virtue
Rapturous Union
Fall of the Morning Star
Garbage Wings (matching sides would be nice)

and many more.

Additional suggestion: have an item that works something like a growth formula or whatnot that can be added when small wings are equipped so that you can actually see them.

diapered egg

and more
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Magical Librarian

There needs to be sexy leg mods!!! sexy leg mod to show a little more leg through skirts, or give us a different look for other outfits. Each mod can have four base options: Nude dainty foot, dainty foot in footwear, dainty foot in hosiery, & dainty foot in hosiery & footwear. Maybe even allow the option of choosing just one leg to change xd (so left, right, or both). That way we could also mix n match leg sets xd

Examples of different leg mods: peekabo legs, garter legs, basic instinct legs, sexy cocked hip legs

Then you can release different accessories to go with it.

Accessory examples: various footwear, stockings, socks, anklets, tattoos, etc

existing leg mods should also be given accessories we can add to them
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Timid Kitten

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  • Battle: Mage 100
Anything in the lavender and dark purple from Wisteria

An item that would let us change our eyebrows!

For recolors the gowns from Enchanted Book, especially Cheesy Pink Dress, and Red/Purple Gowns.

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