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Sorry dude, I can't say I care about what you put in your shop. I only care about what you think defines "loyalty". And looking at the cost of what you put in Denier Cri...I'm not impressed. Just 'cause I can pay 3-10 million for an item doesn't mean I actually give two shits about the site I'm spending that money on, understand? Though you are an RIG/CI character. Not surprised all you care about are the rich folks who can pay you some mulah.

And...don't we already have a recolor shop thread made by Sisky...stating that some of those items would be used in the loyalty rewards shop? Pretty sure you just made this thread 'cause the staff member posting as you loves all the attention the fangirls and boys throw at you. Even less impressed.
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Sometimes, things turn out the way you want them to.

Kanoko's eyes in these colours please?♫♫

They turn out even better.
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i want more panda items.
also, more truly satanic things.
a re-release of the panda hat.... i know it would be bad for the value of those around, but damn it, that's one of the very few items i would drop a ton of real cash on for a single item.... i usually don't buy the big stuff.
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- recolors of maquillage/ stage makeup / lovely lucie makeup. Release each pose individually for even more gold sinking.
- white devil tail
- red/gold/yellow/orange/dark green/sky blue heartstring

I feel like I have a hundred things I want to see but can't think of at the moment. Will edit if I come up with anything
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An SD Doll of me.

I like the way you think. (・`ω´・)

How about we just go ahead and recolor the halo in light yellow.
In fact, make it so light a yellow that it's just barely visible. 20,000,000g.
This probably has nothing to do with your shop directly, but I would love to see more than just two items relating to Phee-chan. It's such a cute mascot, and virtually ignored! sweatdrop
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User Image

-White Gothic Veil

-Pink/Mint/Red Gothic Butterfly

-Black/Red Holy Gauntlet

-Silver/Bronze Fremere's Guard

-Recolor Pongo the Ferret (Wilmer the Ermine?) just to have more ferret items...

The list can go on FOREVER. emotion_kirakira

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As far as the 2003 collection, I'd LOVE to see the following recolored in these colors,
DJ headphones- Saphire/Teal/Blue and Black!
Mini Wings- Sapphire BLUE!
Devil Tail- RED or solid WHITE
OMG Hat- Reversed to have the eyes in black, and the skull in black while the rest is in white! (You get the point of a reversed item xd )

Will edit later!
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an item with the real grombie skins as poses
make them cost 15k achievement points
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Green hair.
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Ninja band! >3<
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mini wings recolor yesss
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Blue recolors of the Secret Retreat Mistress and Beau items.
Lunar Cowl in Angelic Blue
Elegant Veil: IN ALL COLOURS
Mythrill Armor: IN ALL COLOURS
Wonderland: In darker colours
A demon version to the Holy Gauntlets
More "Superior" forms
More colors of "Red Wing"
I was just wondering what the price range for this 'loyalty' shop would be. Personally I'd like it if you kept it in the 50-300k range. I feel like that way a lot more people will buy.
As for what items I'd like... a lavender/purple little lucie would be awesome.

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