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White Horns of the demon!
Definitely recolours of the mini wings. Pink angel ones, purple devil ones to go with the purple D-Tail...

In terms of new stuff...well Gaian's always love body mods. Eyes, wigs, legs, hands, arms...Can't go wrong with those. Even recolours of already existing items with these is awesome. whee
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Heroic Shoujo

I hope he comes in, but, I am going to share anyway...
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A different, more earthy, red-orientated color of the Jinxi would be wonderful! Or a copper version of Fremere's Guard would be great, too.
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II BlazeoftheCookies II
Mini Angel/Nitemare recolors, NM scarf recolor, Laurel Recolors, Angelic Pendant recolor,

Turn one of those to green. heart

Angelic Pendant in green reminds me of the friendship necklace. sweatdrop
I already have that, but It would be nice if it's not in a heart shape. sweatdrop

Hehe, yeah~
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...Clearly, it needs a skin to make our bodies disappear and only clothes and head visible.
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Recolored Angel and Nightmare Mini Wings - Green and or a dark blue
Recolored red devil mini wings - any color really, perhaps pink or gold.
Recolored Angelic Halo - Not sure on this one yet
Recolored Angelic Pendant - Green, Gold
Recolored Backwings - Gold!
Horns of The Demon - Gold, White, Grey

I'll edit this post when I think of more stuff! Or just post again.


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Oh, and red+black studio headphones please. 4laugh
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Well I'd love to recolored evolving items or even just recolors of certain poses. I was telling someone recently that I love the feather skirt in noel''s gift but I just wish it came in multiple colors, especially colors that match the wisteria or dark omen. I'd love a lavendar biancamella. I just think biancamella should be recolored as many times as possible.

I want to see more crosstitch items recolored. I love the ribbon sleeves.

I want dj headphones in white with a little bit of black on the ear piece, white angelic scarf, white mini angel wings. I love the wing pose in holy $#17 and wish it was pure white and other colors. I'd love to see the magical girl MC outfit recolored and have the skirt without the top. Also in magical girl there's the phee-chan that i'd love to see more of.

cheshire kitten in wisteria purple/black combo.
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II BlazeoftheCookies II

I would like to see a dark red-black recolor of Apprentice Charm!!!! emotion_kirakira

I would like to second this suggestion!

Also, I would like a red/gold version of the Storm King!
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Recolour of Alruna's Rose? :33c

Or how about Mythril's Armor in darker colours. Yes, that would do nicely.
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so, this means your shop is a copy cat of bren's but, exclusive only as recolors?

the more gaia releases new shops, the more i want to facepalm. too many shops. i can't afford anything in club verge and i don't have a cool few million on me. so... i can't even think of an mc to recolor since that always seemed a "no no" territory but i guess it isn't that now. sweatdrop
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Pink Mini Angel Wings to match the Kickass scarf. Black Mini Angel Wings, Mint Mini Angel Wings.

White Mini Nightmare Wings.

White Angelic Scarf, Black Angelic Scarf, Mint Angelic Scarf.

White Angelic Sash, Black Angelic Sash.

Gold and White Angelic Pendant, Silver and Black Angelic Pendant, Gold and Mint Angelic Pendant.

Thank You *Cuddles Scarf* emotion_kirakira
Thank you for this! Everyone's been talking about potential recolors, and so it's nice to have an official thread about it. 3nodding

Two things that I would love to see are White Mini Nightmare Wings, and a Violet Gwee matching the Violet Devil Tail currently in D*C. I am also a big fan of the Pixie/Sprite collectables, so a recolor of any of them will be something I definitely want to pick up!

Also, which it might not be your department, I'd like to see a recolor of Holy $#17. Perhaps in purple? Or maybe matching the Prince Vetiver/Bacchus tones would be nice.
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How about some Platinum Laurels? if that's even possible.
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OMG YESSSS kesesese
I want dark teal recolors of anything and everything.
Also, a white or grey or black or beige or brown or purple or green or anything recolor of Reve Rouille.
I'll take a recolor of Trestle Lurker in any color. How about black or blue or red?
Ooh, ooh, and Blackjaxs! I'd love to see that recolored!
I want a gold Seelie Order?
Any recolor of Ornith Schoolboy would be cool!
How about a red Lumina Shroud?
Can I get a skeletal Nymph Adora?
I'd like to see SDPlus The Hazmats Butterfly in any new shades!

/poots ideas everywhere emotion_kirakira

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