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If you read my announcement, you'll know that I'm working on a brand new loyalty shop but it is currently under construction. You know how long construction can take, right?

Anyway, I couldn't wait to start releasing my loyalty items, so I decided to kick off this project by adding a few beautifully recolored items to Dernier Cri. Much thanks to Brennivin for letting me use his store while mine is under construction.

In the interim, I also wanted to have a place where you can all post your item suggestions. You should know I might not be able to get all the suggestions done, or done as part of my loyalty project, but I'll do what I can. You know, I always put on a great show!

Hit me with your ideas Gaians and I'll see what magic I can make happen!
- Loyal
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I would like to see a dark red-black recolor of Apprentice Charm!!!! emotion_kirakira
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Backwings. I'd gladly pay a few million, maybe more, for a nice set.
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Posting on mobile sucks. gonk

I'd love to see more soft shades of the Angelic Scarf, baby blue, mint, lavender, peachy orange, and a pastel yellow.

I really think that it should be released 1 recoloring per week/month instead of mass dumps like the normal gold shop updates. It will give users more of a reason to be excited to log on, especially if you do it on a regular date. You can build up excitement towards the monthly/weekly releases while slipping new ones in at a slow enough rate that folks who don't know which color they like best yet might end up buying more of them as a result.

Such as, Sally really likes mint, but only pink is available now. Next month a soft blue comes out. While it isn't the mint she craves, she finds it still works well with her avatar, so she picks one up. Next release, the mint she craves is available. So, to raise the gold quickly, she sells off her blue, taking a natural loss since it is a gold shop item (more if she put it on the MP with the 2% tax) and buys her beloved mint.

I also think with a store like this, something you can do to rev up excitement/force gold to sink faster is make it a Month shop situation. AKA, you can only buy the mint recolored scarf in May. But not just May 2013. Every May. This allows for a steady release over time, still makes the items rarer and more desirable for the status symbol, but doesn't put future users at a disadvantage for simply hearing about the site later than the rest of us.

Might edit this post more in the future for recoloring ideas when I get home to my laptop. gonk
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Exclusive backgrounds, and exclusive pet items. I'd go NUTS for a dragon companion we can ride!
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Something that isn't pink or purple to start with rolleyes
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Witty Capitalist

Mini wing recolors? I think yes.
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Obsessive Cultist

As long as it's white (probably not gonna happen, but a white Angelic Scarf? '-' hng) or black or mint ... I'll be super happy.
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Magical Demigod

I'm saying this before Crystal does;
Pink angel mini wings.
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seriously...I always wanted to have a omg hat. sweatdrop

Could we donate gold for your shop construction? surprised
It be a good mini sink.

Edit: The ancient katana in many different colors! (Like a red katana)
Edit2: Someone also mention a inverted color of it. white/black. Just please give us a OMG hat recolor that can be used! crying
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I'd like to see you in the shop, Loyal...

But in all seriousness, I'd like to see a Red Devil Tail or pink or cream Angel Mini Wings.

And more mint items.

EDIT: Forgot this yesterday but, WHITE HORNS OF THE DEMON. I'd would absolutely die for those.
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Actually I'm just gonna scrap my previous saying and post a new one!

1. Altair's Honor - Orange, Red, any color that's popular, could be a very profitable gold sink

2. Brair Sonnet - Same as the other one.

3. If it's at all possible to have different variations of the backgrounds of the previous MC's, like Ghoul's Acre and Ghoul's End, that would be amazing! As for the backgrounds that don't seem to have an opposite like... Vega's Love, recolors of backgrounds like those would be amazing too!

4. Old Evolving Item recolors would be awesome too! We have yet to have a recolor of the Fremer's Guard, which I think would be awesome a red, blue, or hell even a PINK recolor!

5. Exclusive Circus themed items in Loyal's shop, because hey, he's a ringmaster so what says he shouldn't have his own themed items in his shop?
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Anything that is light blue and white will be good enough for me, even in angelic blue.
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Recolor of panda/grizzly hats
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Some kind of hair extensions would be lovely, and makeup too. I'd really love a lot of different colors of lipstick in the style of the colored base lips, like the one I'm wearing.

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