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Gino's angry face~ lol

Plus we get to see what the littlest psycho's been up to.
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Is it just me, or is Gino starting to lose his baby-face?
He looks to be growing a Gambino-like visage. I hope Reaper is doing that on purpose.
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Is it just me, or is Gino starting to lose his baby-face?
He looks to be growing a Gambino-like visage. I hope Reaper is doing that on purpose.

naw, I think she's just been drawing too much sherlock
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from Reapersun's tumblr
Reaper is completely obsessed with her version of Sherlock n' John and it's pretty firmly established as such and it's been pouring over into Gaia via artwork and items.

I don't want this thread to derail into "homg reapers work is affecting gaia plot" or whatever, and I'd like to n** this in the bud before we get 23485947 posts commenting on this aspect.

...though I'm not terribly surprised she put together something like that.
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Dark elves. emotion_dowant Please actually be doing something and not just there to posture menacingly?

My eyes glazed over at everything else. *kanye shrug* It's hard to care when... nothing is going on? xd
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Sir Black Tea
Just noticed a couple of things:

Reaper is still kinda in Jawnlock mode:
Gino kinda looks like how she draws "Jawn"/John
And I get a Sherlock-y vibe from Edmund
-- appearance-wise anyway...

Don Kuro looks different in his latest cover...
If Reaper drew that page, methinks she needs to rewatch FMA or FMA:B to get into the vibe...

Otherwise, can't really complain. Plot update is plot update. I appreciate it.

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from Reapersun's tumblr

Eldric to common translation start

Dunno, it kinda a good Gambino evolution......
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that was awfully random lol, yay for the gang finally reappearing, and gino toughening up
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Its great to see Gino bouncing back after the freaky dream sequence. But even with Edmund around he'll probably still manage to do something rash.
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Gino's face when Edmund said he'd have to throw him overboard was funny.
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Friggin dark elves

Turn them into sacrifices for some dark ritual to bring Meili back biggrin

if you want Meili back, just go to Gaia's version of Hel and ask her to let Meili come back to life.
and then have someone screw it up. rofl

i'm still hoping there's someone pulling the Don's strings in some way (possession perhaps?). maybe the title refers to the mastermind behind all this revealing themself (and if it's Diedrich or Evil Timmy i'm death raying someone).
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Oh good god the anatomy on Don on the cover is horrible that not even the lovely coloring could distract me from it.

Er. Alright. I don't really like this group of NPCs, well okay I only like Edmund and Gino but because we're here in this group the two gods are going to appear and eat up screen time.

Annnnddd... that's all I got. Two pages of nuthin' happening sides from establishing what we already know is marvelous. I can't say this update has really tickled my interest, if anything just reminds me how utterly bored I am of this group. Sooooo slooowwww... ssslllooowwwww plot line is slower then Ians assassination attempt and vampire craaappp....why are they dragging this out so long DX
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I hope Don Kuro kills Gino too.
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I like how Don Kuro looks, and damn, hope we get something interesting this time.
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Sadly, I just don't even care.

That plot arc is so old, so boring, so annoying that I've really got no interest in it whatsoever. I've got a bad feeling that they're going to kill off Zhivago too, it's asinine he's not even the bad guy. They killed Vlad off for no reason, they're probably going to kill Zhivago, why not just drop another tower on the VH twins and finish off the entire Vampire threat?

Blarg, I hope this turns out well but honestly my hopes are so rock bottom right now, I guess it can't be worse than I think it will be. Then again, Gaia's notorious for dropping the bottom out of an all time low to shock us all.

For all I care, the Kuros can just fade away like the rest of the Summer Olympics races that Gaia forgot about. Gino and Edmund can crash into a floating demi-god and then they can start fresh with a plot that hasn't been dragged through the mud for years.

(Yes that sounded incredibly negative, I'm aware of this)
User Image
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Guuuuh, those noses are horrid. Not to be nitpicky, but they look horribly off. Gino doesn't look at all like...Gino. I can understand an evolution on him, but whatever is going on isn't...right?

But other than that, I'm ready for a plot update! Yay! I hope Zhivago looks better than he did in the last manga. For some reason he went from looking good all the time to some kind of...scruffy hobo with the drawing style. And the face shape was way off. Really bothersome to me.

Okay. I'm clearly obsessive. I will be quiet now and wait for the next update XD

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