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i really like this version of snow white so cute
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Thankyouthankyouthankyou heart Was there any text to go along with these images?

There is text let me go and play through one again and put the story

Ahh, okay. Thanks 3nodding
Beautiful, as always.
I loved the polaroids for Animal Quackers also~
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Danke Danke heart
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Aww, they are very nice! I might even save them to my own computer!
Siberian Huskies! heart

But it's so typical that it's a female in need and then a male comes for eir rescue stare

But it's a fairy tale.
If that didn't happen, we'd b***h!

It's sooo pretty. I must have one D:
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User Image

Oh its so pretty! I wish I had the money for rigs, but alas, I do not. I've never played a single one. Maybe I will some time, though I hate to risk my questing money.
Wow. Whether or not you like the items, you have to admit this was a great RIG. The storyline is very involved-- more so than usual. I think this is the first time I liked the 'plot' of the RIG more than I like the items.

dona nobis pacem
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It's... sooo... pretty!<3

Gaia Artists did a stellar job this year. This is absolutely beautiful.
I really wanna know the text in the last part D=
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whos that guys anyway...........
BTw, love snow white!
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;_; You only got to the same part I did. I want to know the ending (which is why I lost on my only try.)
Honestly...I thought last RIG was finally a good RIG but this...THIS is the best yet!
There are items I am anxious to get!!! If I could find the same of the Gaia doll husky...
Thanks, I like reading the stories. ^^
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Le Lumineux
I really wanna know the text in the last part D=

Here~ Willow posted screenshots of each one. >w<
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I like this version of Snow White so much better.

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