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What do you think of the Shops Landing page?

I don't like it! 0.648 64.8% [ 81 ]
I like it! 0.136 13.6% [ 17 ]
Give me gold! 0.216 21.6% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 125 ]
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Manly Man-Lover

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I noticed that today too. Well, it's not really anything bad
to me. In fact, if you want to try and sell things, it is a smart
idea. It's not like people are forced to click it.

People will b***h about it, I'm sure. Because God forbid it's
a minor change and everyone has to go into hysterics about
it. Seriously, it's a business. If you want to try and push a
certain item or thing.. you have the right to do it in little ways
like this.

If anything, I'm sure the real super bitchers can just ad-block
it or something. rolleyes

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are

Well, isn't Gaia trying to tell us they're not money-grubbing-whatevers? cat_rolleyes

I mean, this sort of undermines that if you read through the general opinions of Gaians that have posted in this thread since you did yourself... And while I agree that nobody is forced to click on CV/LV, anymore than they're expected to buy from it, why is it necessary to force us onto them then? Personally, I don't think it is smart idea, and more of a deterrent/thorn in the side, and I kind of liken it to that of a Youtube ad, where you have to wait those extra seconds to by pass it before getting to what you really want to watch (except in our case, those extra seconds it to scroll to/click into the shop we want to get to; Although we had to still do that before, the randomness of the landing meant there did not have the feel that they were pushing the gCa$h's upon Gaians, plus you also still had a chance you might land on the shop you wanted to go to).

I personally, I don't care about the reordering in the bar as much as I miss the former randomness of where you landed cat_sad But also think it is unrealistic for us to ignore the larger repurcussions that so-called "minor" changes can have cat_neutral

Also, aside from the sparkles on CV/LV, which are definitely another sore point for many Gaians, how is Ad Block really an effective solution in this situation? cat_rolleyes
meep12345's avatar

Manly Man-Lover

Urd Tanzanite
If anything, I would prefer to have the random shop front be determined by our chosen town. I chose Durem, so I wouldn't mind seeing Durem shops.

Ja, I like this idea a lot too, because not only do I live in Durem, but I shop at H&R Wesley a lot as well cat_3nodding
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Hardcore Risk-Taker

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Not going to lie, but I prefer the old Shop Landing Page than the new one. I just feel kinda annoyed that if I continue landing on Premium Shop everytime I hit Shop tab, it's like Gaia trying to shove it in my face just to get my money. sweatdrop
EbeleRoderick's avatar

Fashionable Bear

Don't like it.

I mean, I kinda understand why the premium shops are up at the top now, but I wish it wasn't a fixed landing point. The 1000+ cash shop announcements we get monthly are more than enough of a reminder that those shops exist, and with how much CS stuff pumping out lately Gaia could stand to not fluff up that area even more.
settlefish's avatar

Friendly Friend

i don't mind
rarely visit gold shops anyway
Wordstreamer~Nifty Fairy~'s avatar

Unholy Fairy

Yessss. I just noticed this yesterday. I don't like it, either. :
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Benevolent Genius

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I really dislike this change. I thought it was more fun to get a random shop each time.
I don't like this change at all, either emotion_donotwant
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Muscular Snowflake

I'm one of the half-minority in terms of the list organisation! I actually prefer it this way! The number of times I've wanted to wander into Victoire and had trouble finding it from scrolling too fast up and down the list is unbelievable...

I hadn't noticed that the landing page is always a cash one though sweatdrop I preferred the random landing page, but with the CS at the top of the list in the side bar.
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Sweet Gaian

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Eh. Gaia is a business. A business needs to make money to keep going. This change to the shops landing page is smart marketing on their part. So, it doesn't really bother me. They may be making their cash shops more predominant, but It's not like they are forcing you to buy GC items.
kitten tea's avatar

Shy Gaian


I liked the random of it. There were times when I wanted to go to.... lets say Ruby's Rack, and like it read my mind, I'd be taken to that shop.
:/ Now I won't be able to do that anymore.

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Lady Reveler

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This change suuuuucks! emotion_donotwant
I like the old one better--you know, the one with landing at random shops.
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Sparkling Cutie-Pie

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Hestia Carrow
Eh. Gaia is a business. A business needs to make money to keep going. This change to the shops landing page is smart marketing on their part. So, it doesn't really bother me. They may be making their cash shops more predominant, but It's not like they are forcing you to buy GC items.

^ Those are my thoughts exactly. I would have thought Dernier Cri would end up there as well, but then again it's only a gold shop.
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Angelic Lunatic

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I kinda loathe the update here. I'd rather it be like Barton Boutique came first or even the most popular gold shops first then the cash shop ones on the bottom, but then again, gaia wouldn't go for that. Or random gold shops first and still keep the cash shops on the bottom.
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Healing Spirit

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A website advertising itself so that it may possibly earn more money? GASP.

Nah, it aint a big deal, i kinda like it that way, i never enjoyed being put at a random store anyway.

More stability, yo.

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