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I opened two bundles:

Meilio - Equine Broseph
Diedradio - Rabu Rabu Bike
Meilio - Equine Broseph
Peathinel - Orion's Belt
Cresolae - SBX-2
Marian - Foe x Foe
Rinoko - Maid 4 U
Carl - Madame Seer
Corvago - Hatofowl


Meilio - Blue Force A Nature
Diedradio - O-Tea-P
Cresolae - Super Level Academy
Marian - Yakisoba Dare
Carl - Aqueous Page of Cups
Flyngh - Stitched Heart Lantern
Diedradio - O-Tea-P
Ledmund - Commedia
Carl - Soundtrack of Love
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Sparkly Fatcat

Bought a bunch got Chuchip's Blessing from Marian. Ill post the rest later.
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Sparkly Fatcat

Tied and Entwined x2
Ship's Last Stand x2
Lavender Bridesmaid
Paper Play
Cask of Tamarins

Right in the Feels x3
Flirty Playboy
Golden Decobot
Czar's Banner
Hatofowl x2
Latrans Trickster
WIN Star

Spellbound Shonen x3
Squall Scarf

Fic Writer x3
Tama the Lucky Cat
14th Street
Dystopian Gasmask
The Moon (Mewn Mew!)

Got to go so ill post the 2nd half in a few hours
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Man, I haven't played a RIG in ages. Here's what I got:

Marian: Foe x Foe
Cresolae: V-High Hiro
Peathinel: Vulturine Gentleman
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Sparkly Fatcat

Death Moth x2
Bad Dog Leash
Siren Shell
Highlander's Promise
Hukidasi x3
Little Doll Kisses
Rose Shower

Tweedle Numero Uno
Purple Prose x3
Soundtrack of Love x3
Dreamer's Mind
Constellation Pegasi
Fiendish Cuisine

Master of the Internetverse x2
Vienna Roast Coffee x2
Nikolai's Experiment
Airship Attendant
City Roast Coffee x2
French Roast Coffee x3

Sweetest Petshop x2
Shadow of Nox
The House Wins
Secret Stash x3
Blazing Preacher
Corral de la Moreria
Equine Broseph x3
Helix Nebula
Lovely Diction

V-High Hiro
Priscilla the Perfect
Balthasar the Bloody

Super Level Academy x2
Depth of Hades
Fey Seer
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Sparkly Fatcat

Also bought 27 bundles together and... 2 wins so yay me stare
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Here's the stuff I got from a couple bundles that I opened~

PEATHINEL - Dragonmetal Champion
PEATHINEL - Ship's Last Stand
PEATHINEL - Style Munitions
PEATHINEL - Victorious Evil Queen

FLYNGH - Whipped Cream

MARIAN - Happy End

RINOKO - Talisman of Good
RINOKO - Starish
RINOKO - Oppa Style!

CORVAGO - Peter's Youth

LEDMUND - Vigilant Lost Boy

CRESOLAE - Super Level Academy

CARL - Order of the Valorous Heart

MEILIO - Equine Broseph
MEILIO - The House Wins

DIEDRADIO - Green Intentions

MOISHA - Balthasar the Bloody
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got some time before work today, so i'm going to get to it!
( gosh, flyngh seems to dole out a lot of little doll kisses ... )
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Got Foe x Foe from MARIAN
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From the Marians I have gotten I got:

A New Year
Icy Marionette
Foe X Foe
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Jolly Cutie-Pie

my bundle:

1st: PEATHINEL: Ship's Last Stand
2nd: DIEDRADIO: Fic Writer
3rd: LEDMUND: Master of the Internetverse
4th: RINOKO: Starish
5th: LEDMUND: Master of the Internetverse
6th: RINOKO: Head of Dreams
7th: DIEDRADIO: Red Velvet Queen of Cup
8th: CORVAGO: Right in the Feels
9th: FLYNGH: You got: Little Doll Kisses


Ship's Last Stand (2)
Tied and Entwined

Purple Prose

Traveling Veterinae

Predominant Principal

Equine Broseph

Piercing Rose Rapier

no me gusta.
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Fanatical Phantom

all this time it hought moisha is the victory XDand i open 11 bundles! i got 1 MARIAN and get something wroth 40k
How does one open up the ships happen after purchasing them?
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Fashionable Gaian

I got Super Level Academy from Cresolae.

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