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If there's another thread with the same discussion?
And suddenly there's complaints of mods abusing their power and removing legit discussion! That's not going to look very good on your record.

Ban all the complainers.

No seriously: Make rules clear. Send PM warnings.

If only you could lock a thread and leave a link to redirect users to the doppleganger thread.
That would be nice.

But even two similar-looking threads can lead in different directions depending on who posts in those threads. The problem is when people hop onto one thread and then another and just leave the same answers. confused

Ban them too.
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~ yum_tea ~
Coffee Cat says:

I think Doctor Who day will be celebrated later. There's an official day, not just the whole year.
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I enjoyed the event, I got tired of trying to figure it out after 4 hours but it was still fun. The item has some nice poses. I only strayed to 2 different threads, so spamming didn't bug me. There's been worse spamming in the past with other events.

Was there a 20th anniversary Sailor Moon item? I feel I missed this, and that makes me sad. D:
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They probably have to get permission to create an identified likeness of characters for pretty much anything, regardless of whether it's a freebie or not. That could be a major deciding factor into why some things are able to have higher profile events and not others. Because you know, as an example, if anything Star Wars related that gets close enough to anything Lucas actually made ends up on Gaia, there will probably be lawyers somewhere taking notes.

I really don't see why some people are complaining about what fandom gets spotlight time. A lot of them make their way into Gaia in one way or another. Homestuck has the candy horns. There are Star Trek uniforms on Gaia. My Little Pony had a small cameo in the Apocalypsmas event sort-of. It comes into Gaia in different ways, though I suppose some people can't be satisfied until their fandom is put on blast on a grand scale, event style or something.
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Silver Tear Angel

Was there a 20th anniversary Sailor Moon item? I feel I missed this, and that makes me sad. D:
there was~
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Pugnacious Banana
Silver Tear Angel

Was there a 20th anniversary Sailor Moon item? I feel I missed this, and that makes me sad. D:
there was~

I did miss it gonk . It comes with the wand. </3. Hopefully one day, it shall go down in price and I shall buy it.

Thank you for linking me. smile
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Man. I have no clue what this item everyone is talking about! I've been so lost. :c
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I don't understand why a free item that wasn't made on order of Gaia should cause such offense sweatdrop It's like I gave someone a gift and other people are then angry at me for not giving one to everyone....

If it's not like I paid for it, so I'm cool with any fandoms, as long as it's not the same one all the time (which it wasn't this time). Artists should be encouraged and congratulated for releasing something extra for us, not penalized because it's not a fandom "x" number of population care for.
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I'm not a fan of Sherlock. Never seen the movies, never read the books, anything like that.
I still participated in the event because it had brought people together as a community. Everyone was working to together to figure it out, and it just.... Idk it was really nice to see all that.
I still don't care about Sherlock, and probably never will.

Instead of people bitching about "Lets have this event next! I don't like Sherlock!!" they should just be happy that the Staff/Artist did something to bring some more excitement to the community, and let us have some fun.
They could have very well done nothing for that day.

I'm not sure if that last paragraph made much sense, but hopefully ya'll will get the gist of it.

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People are allowed to b***h about anything they don't like.

Seriously why is this so hard to accept
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Was there negative backlash? I thought it was loads of fun. Idiots will overpost topics for attention everywhere though, so it's hardly the fault of Sherlock. It was short lived too. Yay more cool free stuff?
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User ImageI didn't think it was that bad. I thought most people enjoyed the event. Some people, myself included, were a little put off that the item was centered on the BBC show rather than Arthur Conan Doyle's creation, but that seemed like a minor point.

As far as spam goes, that kind of thing is always temporary. Really, does a day or two of repeat threads make that much difference in your life? I mean even on normal days, the GCD is filled with meaningless drivel anyway. Don't get me wrong, I like the GCD's meaningless drivel, but I think I can handle a little distraction now and then.
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GCD Rules&Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions:

Are repeat threads allowed?
Yes, so long as they are not identical.

We're allowed to have multiple similar threads, event related or not. And nearly all the threads I saw for this event touched on different points, even if they recycled the same clues and hints from before. And the main reason I saw in this last event for multiple threads was that the main big 300+ page thread was too fast and too big- and people weren't able to read what was already tried and found.

Personally I think the micro events do sorta belong here so long as it sparks a discussion, of which a majority of them do. The last mini-event (and the only one) that I thought was bad in terms of lack of discussion was the Pirate event- since it literally was just "spam pirate words until you get the items". And even so, the dev only gave us a day to spam forums outside the event forum during that event. Everything else involved team discussions, clues and hints, and other sort of fun useful things.

I didn't even really participate in this last event since I'm not that into sherlock. But I'm always happy when we get little fandom events like this. It's a nice change from the same ol' crap that gets posted here day in day out. Talk about repetitive topics...
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Lazarus Larkin
People are allowed to b***h about anything they don't like.

Seriously why is this so hard to accept

including bitching about people who b***h about something that shouldn't be bitched about cool
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I think also that the devs/artist celebrate fandom holidays for fandoms that they're interested in?

they're not going to do one just for the hell of it, if they're not interested in the show/game/manga/etc.. since they're pretty much just extra silly free event items purely for fun and for fellow fans to enjoy.

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