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I actually thought it was cute that we get a special date for Sherlock's Day. o3o

I was was never really bothered by having items that are from the fandom, infact, I ACTUALLY enjoy them because it just proves that Gaia also enjoys the fandom as much as we do as a whole.

there's also the people who aren't necessarily upset with sherlock, just reapersun's obsession with it. if it was another staff member who made the event/item, i don't think people would be as upset. or if reapersun actually had more than one interest. imagine if you had a friend and they only talked about one thing every time you saw them. it would get pretty annoying, wouldn't it?
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I was saddened by the ending of the V-day event so when I saw this I got excited to see everyone working together and chatting.
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I don't really care. A free item is a free item.
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I love these mini events. So many Gaians getting together to solve the mystery of the grant link ... it's great stuff.

Sure a few people got ticked off, but that's just frustration at not being able to solve it; I completely understand that. Nevertheless, I wouldn't go as far as to hate on reapersun for it, or any other staff member that does something like this for that matter. That's just silly.

BTW Jekyll needs a holiday emotion_dowant
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I thought it was awesome. I came in at the end, so I didn't actually get to do much other than go back and click through and see what had already happened--but it looked like so much fun!

(We had a My Little Pony reference in our Xmas event last year. I didn't see nearly as much whining about that. Not to mention all of the other references all the time. Sure, we've had multiple Sherlock items, but we've had multiple items from other fandoms, too, so it's not like we're getting all Sherlock all the time. Also, it was a free item.)
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I demand a Doctor Who Event then to compensate for the 50th anniversary biggrin
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The problem is that whenever there's an event without an event forum, and someone in staff notices says "go to the GCD!" it's like this forum turns into a temporary event forum without any rules and guidelines, even though rules and guidelines exist here at all times. Everyone starts posting their own threads with copy/pasted information from preexisting threads in hopes of getting some sort of social kudos and it just starts cluttering up the front page with unnecessary repeat topics. Repeat topics are supposed to be okay but when there are 10+ threads with basically the same information copy/pasted from an older thread + 1 new sentence/speculation, it gets old fast. The GCD also get the strangest misplaced threads like the one guiding people how to trigger a hidden pose - no s**t sherlock! A whole thread just to tell people to equip an item with arm raised - wow!

They treat this forum like an event forum (thought of something new but don't like that it gets buried in a 200+ page long thread? Just make your own new thread and to s**t with the rules and guidelines of the GCD!) even though the GCD is really not an event forum. I appreciate the people who try to make their event-related threads into a discussion but most people do not put in the effort to follow the rules and guidelines for these types of mini events.

THIS!!!! >__<'

I like this kind of events.. but this is what I feel about them in GCD!! is a mess sweatdrop
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I was kind of meh about the event. Mostly I just waited for everyone to find the answer so I could get my item.

I honestly wish we had more Zim items. (Invader Zim tend to be one of the overlooked fandoms. Mostly because a lot of us are 13-year-old girls who are mostly into it for GIR, and don't even know half the characters, and have never seen Backseat Drivers or Frycook... yeah. Most of the fandom pisses me off.) Or more alien-based items in general.

... yeah, I'm a huge fan of aliens.

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Report spam threads biggrin Teach people the lesson that even though there's something going on, it doesn't give them the go button to post spam in forum with topic guidelines. This is another one of those report reaping times for all of you who want to become mods biggrin

The only thing about these 'events' that bothers me are the spam threads. That's pretty much it.

Non-event or event spam, I report spam (seen as: two topics of the same. exact. discussion.)
Never gets dealt with.

Ancedotal thread with question slapped on?
Dealt with?

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Can we celebrate First Contact Day? (Props for anyone who knows what this is <3)

None of the other days have really shut the GCD down like this one.
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Honestly we get plentyyy of tribute items and reference items to a variety of different fandoms, many of which I have never even heard about. No need for whoever to crib over getting a sherlock holmes mini-event / item.

I agree that it clutters the GCD, but it's only one or two days...and I kind of get tired of only item threads, so I'm ok with it. Though I do agree that the OP of the threads could stand to be more well thought out and involve new / further information to help in solving the riddle.
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Really? People thought the event was too spammy? I got too caught up in the hullabaloo to notice. I was overwhelmed with excitement over the mini event, in fact the GCD gets kind of humdrum between holidays, and site updates and other such things. I understand that it gets spammy, but it did only really last for two days. Within the next few days, we'll probably see a thread or two still kicking around, and then a reference to the day here and there in the future.

Most of my fandoms have been referenced in Gaia items, so I can't complain.
there's also the people who aren't necessarily upset with sherlock, just reapersun's obsession with it. if it was another staff member who made the event/item, i don't think people would be as upset. or if reapersun actually had more than one interest. imagine if you had a friend and they only talked about one thing every time you saw them. it would get pretty annoying, wouldn't it?

bbc sherlock specifically is painful
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We only celebrated it today because in the US we date things differently from the rest of the world (Im not sure why, we also have our own measuring system).
Because IIRC we are one of the few countries, if not the ONLY country, still using the Imperial system of measurement while everyone else uses Metric. Also something about how we go mm/dd/yy because that's how we word it (e.g. February 14, 2013) versus how they might word it (e.g. the 14th of February, 2013, aka dd/mm/yy).

With that said~

But, Sherlock is not the ONLY fandom to get a Holiday. We celebrated Star Wars this past May The 4th, which sounds like "May the Force", which is part of the phrase "May the Force be with you." Unlike 22/1/13, this holiday comes every year; Gaia only just picked up on it last year, although I do not thing we got any items from it (we only have 3-ish items for Star Wars, I think? I may be mistaken). And unlike the Sherlockians, Star Wars fans can get another crack at their holiday this year, where we could /hopefully/ see an item. The nice thing is that the staff could, if they were so inclined, to try again.
Star Wars should get a couple of more items, but we got a free "event item" mostly because reaper's probably the only Sherlock fan in the staff and the "event" was small enough that she could run it p. much by herself.

People have even tried banning us from conventions
These are the same people that say they want to ban Homestuck because "it's not from a comic book series" or some such...only to allow cosplay from cartoons, anime and manga, video games...they just don't want to say in their face "we want to ban Homestuck because we HATE Homestuck emotion_bigvein ".

Although, I understand that a few Gaians are just annoyed at fandom item in general, which I cannot offer any solace for. The artists are in charge of their own items and make references when they want/when appropriate. But we also have thousands on non-fandom items. Also, look at where you are: Gaia-Online. A website based around Japanese culture, a big part of the anime subculture is cosplay. Thats where fandom items come in. And yeah, it sucks. But you dont need to WEAR fandom items, theres plenty of other alternatives out there for you.
It's not that so much as that this one fandom pretty much gets their own exclusive staff artist with how many items she's made alone based on that specific series adaption and everyone else is...sort of left in the dust to either wait for the next GS or CS/REI/RIG item. For some, it makes sense (see: Homestuck Mood Bubble Fiasco). For others... emo

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