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what does it matter what someone does with their avatar? thought processes like this absolutely translate over into real life thinking and situations. what a person chooses to wear, avatar or real life, is none of your business, and it's not your place to judge whether it's trashy or not.

Of course everyone is entitled to dress their avatar however they want but in a thread titled 'Sex Appeal and Avatars', I'm going to voice my opinion on sex appeal with avatars. I haven't actually gone up to someone and said 'Ew, I don't like what you're wearing'.
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I don't think it's in me to make an avi have sex appeal. My aim is pure cuteness & innocence.
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I been a member of Gaia for 8 years. I don't expect anyone to agree with my opinion that I'm about to exhale. However, I must voice my opinion.
Pixel sex appeal is not 100% related to the person controling it. It depends on the person. Some people just like to look different. I think people dressing half-naked are just looking for attention.
Take care. Have a good day.
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The concept of sexually appealing avatars bemuses and bewilders me

Then again I go to fetish clubs so
even irl I don't always like
... actually notice
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i enjoy making lingerie avatars but even then i try to keep it semi-realistic
i'm more of a cute / cool type dresser but if people wanna dress their avatars skimpy, more power to them.

and yeah, looking sexy when your avatar starts as a deformed animu potatobaby is kind of hard lol.

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