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Bashful Exhibitionist

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I don't really think of what other users say or think about my avi. I dress to impress the only important set of eyes on Gaia - mine.
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Dedicated Regular

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Ping of Death
I don't really think of what other users say or think about my avi. I dress to impress the only important set of eyes on Gaia - mine.

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Golden Saint

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Not sure I've ever been told any of my avatars have been sexy.
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Moonlight Sweetheart

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Mostly my avi's are depicting events happening in my life, or trying to explore the poses of a new item. This one is for my muse~ who I saw play live on Wed. My last one was trying to see how hard it would be to make a masculine avi with a female base due to all the hubub in the SF about feminine items. The one before that was a memorial for someone close to me who died.
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Cluttered Kitten

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User Image
I don't think it's in me to make an avi have sex appeal. My aim is pure cuteness & innocence.
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Sparkly Explorer

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  • Friendly 100
I go for more of a classic look as opposed to sexy. But to be honest I've never really tried for sexy.
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Nimble Explorer

lol, sex appeal on these stumpy little things.
That was a funny joke, tell another.
yes I'm aware I'm probably the fifth person to say something like this
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      Eh, I have a main profile where I have my picture. I put it on private because I got tired of creepers hitting on me or asking for roleplays. On this account, I only get hit on when I'm in Towns. It's pretty pathetic.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Trashy avatars only attract trashy users.

And the thread ends here as you've summed up what we're all thinking.

why do you assume showing skin is "trashy"? AVATARS ASIDE, thought processes like this is really toxic and oppressive towards people who are comfortable with their bodies and have no qualms showing them off.

I never said that showing skin was trashy. I just think the ideas some users have in creating what they think is a sexy avatar is just unattractive and that's trashy.
Real life aside, this thread is only mentioning Gaia avatars. I'm not restricting people from dressing how they want to dress with my 'toxic thought processes'.

what does it matter what someone does with their avatar? thought processes like this absolutely translate over into real life thinking and situations. what a person chooses to wear, avatar or real life, is none of your business, and it's not your place to judge whether it's trashy or not.
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Conservative Citizen

Sexy avatars just aren't my thing. I prefer cute/angelic/innocent avatars.

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